Went out to watch Wanted yesterday. And mak ai, the special effects were astonishing. Terkesima.

Apparently, more people are using public transportation to get around Kuala Lumpur, which is splendid to a certain extent. The LRT is like a can of stuffed sardines. Fortunately, I got to sit during the whole journey. Unfortunately, the pakcik that was standing in front of me likes to arch himself towards me, as if wanting a free blowjob. At first I thought he has back problems but then he winked at me.


I smiled and exposed the pikes geared to my teeth. "Hey putah, you want some of this?"my teeth shouted out loud. He withdrew.

And have you seen the evening bus queues? My goodness, the thought of the discomfort sent shudders up my spine.

Walking at Bukit Bintang yesterday was like watching fashion magazine models strutting their stuff. It seems that these models were reduced to flawed unphotoshopped specimens when they got out of their glossy cells. They got shorter, uglier and dumpier; a sequent of flaws that spells out CHEAP. Some came out of CLEO and others Mangga.

How I wish they will realize soon that life isn't all about clothes and fashion. How I wish they will realize soon that no agent will suddenly conjure in front of them and tell them that they are the next Malaysian Next Top Model. Smile people smile. Talk people talk. Enjoy people enjoy. Enjoy joy. Enjoy misery. Enjoy life. Let's talk about life and not get bored of it. Let's read about life and learn from it. Lets.



ms said...

beauty is pain... :D


Hi just discovered your Blog... Awesome development of expression of thought...

afiq said...

Yep. Braces are painful.