I ate 7 fried chicken today.
How I wonder. How I wonder.
I was in the library and caught a fellow student reading my blog. The weird thing was, whenever she wants to read the Mohd Narcisus entry after browsing through the Islamaphobia links, she minimized her window so that no one in the library could see Haikal's shirtless picture. Haikal? Siapa Haikal? That's for me to know and for you to find out.
So for her convenience, I'll make the first entry a visual one. These are captions of movies with excellent cinematography quality. Unlike Congkak. Unlike Cuci. Unlike 9 September. "Pierre Andre is so talentless. Cannot ever pronounce S properly. How to act lidat? Worst director and scriptwriter so far. So talentless yet so hyped about. Aiya. Memalukan negara only!" kata Mrs. Ling Abdullah, tuan punya kopitiam paling popular di kawasan Gombak.
The Promise


House of Flying Daggers

Elizabeth the Golden Age

I'm currently writing a short story entitled "E-VOL". Hint hint, it's about how a girl who use witchcraft to look for her long lost boyfriend. There'll be gore and blood and lamb intestines. Yeah. But most importantly there'll be tears. When the short story is done, I'll make a short film based on it.


J said...

The image of you gobbling down your drumstick still runs through my mind. :/

missnadira said...

gore and blood and lamb intestines sound interesting! cant wait..=P

Hafidz Baharom said...

gore, blood and lamb intestines...?

you buat haggis ker? :)