Summer? Here?

A random conservation passed by "Summer Splash tahun ni tak besssh la!"


"We have a Summer Splash? You mean here in Malaysia?"

"Hekeleh mamat ni, cakap omputih plak..."

So like an eager sceptic, I googled Summer Splash and apparently there is one! Seventeen Roxy Summer Splash.
How ridiculous is that? A summer splash in country that is practically summer all year for eternity. But I guess young hormonal teenagers would pay up to a hundred bucks to finally show of their hard-earned sculpted bodies and mingle with bikini-clad young girls. And apparently, there's even a hunk and babe competition. Imagine that! I'm surprised that the event didn't attract German paedophiles or siamese prostitution syndicates.

When I was 15 or 16, I was the most awkward-looking guy in my school which didn't matter because everyone was awkward looking then. But now, my goodness these kids... showing off their pubescent breasts and durian abs and for what?

Dunnolah. These kids practically live in a delusional american cushion. Which is fine and dandy if they live in the united states.
But what do I know? I lived most of my teenage years playing selipar at the padang, jedi swordfighting at my house balcony and spent the rest of my free time reading Animorph and Harry Potter.
To them, I'm practically an uncle already.



Lepas ni spring rave pulak... opps lupa dah..- pesta pantai port dickson..

afiq said...

How wonderful. Spring in Malaysia.