Kakak Gemok

I hate clutters of pictures, that's why.
We were walking along the pasar malam a few hours ago and Suhail had a hankering for nasi lemak. He waited for two minutes in front of the kakak until the tomboy kakak rudely asked him to queue up. "Ha? Tak nampak ke orang beratur ni?"
Suhail quickly followed the kakak's order. I, in the other hand, with my undying spirit of camaraderie said out loud "Manalah orang tahu queue kat sana, sebab dah nasik dekat sini."
The kakak, who was apparently not keen on ulam suddenly flared up. "Dah nasik dekat sini nak buat macam mana? Nak beli beratur!" she then muttered loudly "Haaa, kan dah balas..."
"Saya bagi constructive criticism, kalau nasi dekat tempat orang mula line, lagi lah kedai ni efficient. Lagi ramai orang datang. Kalau tak nak dengar kritik orang macam mana nak maju, macam mana nak kehadapan."
Oh shit. What did I just said. She's so going to eat me.
She stopped scooping rice and looked at her feet, which was an impossible task (since she's not keen on salad and all) and took a few seconds to absorb what I just said and how I interrupted her winning verbal defiance.
I was already gone. She looked around. I fleed at the right corner of the stall where her kopiah wearing father sells popiah. Saved by the old man. "Apa inti ni pakcik?"
"Sayur dek."
"Saya karnivor."
Never mind.
Hear, hear.
Xeem made a song with a friendship love-hate theme. Any Narutard here?
Never mind.

Resilience - xeem
She is...
"An idealistic writer and singer. A determined Fine Arts Masters student. Submissive to incorrigible emotional outbursts. Easily manipulated to handle your work. Not inclined to do her own chores. A dreamer at most yet has firmly placed her feet on the ground this time around."
I won't say much about her writing other than it being gramatically correct most of the time. But she's a cool marie digby-regina spector-yuna kinda singer. The title idealistic singer sudah kena taken by this weirdo from Scandinavia. Her name is Bjork. Bukan Be-jok. Bi-yok.
Have a cool Thursday


Anonymous said...

hillarious you are! dude, you are just too educated to go to pasar malam.jangan la cari pasal dgn org kat sana.lain la kalau ko pegi shopping complex.

Hafidz Baharom said...

oooh, you like yuna, did you see her perform at no black tie last night?

and it's bejok! Malaysian mah!