Up Up and Away!

Afiq-o-matic got third for Futurama's short film competition and the commercial For a Greener Future got second. For a commercial I made for a different competition, it was a delightful surprise.
I've a long way to go in filmmaking and I've already have several concepts and scripts up my sleeve for my future projects. What I need now is a proper video camera. I'll be saving 40% of my miscellaneous expenditures, will cut back on entertainment (cinema, arcade, cybercafe) and invest my remaining savings in businesses I have in mind this coming semester. Aiyo, cannot wait lah!


Miss Aida said...


You're really interested in this sort of thing aren't you?

The Internet finally revived for long enough for me to watch all your videos! There's some potential there. :)

afiq said...

i made my first Dan the cowboy wayang kulit when i was 7, a recording of a series of ghost stories when i was about 10 and self made anime when i was 12. It's a passion I have been marinating for a decade and now I'm about to realize it. I love the art of storytelling... it's so,,.. fulfilling!

farahrozhan said...

Ah, well deserving I must say. Watched both at MSID and my friends I were rooting for Afiq-o-matic to come up either first or second since Taylor's was some good match.

In any case, you won prize money, I wage? I bet that'd give a boost to your quest.

Keep up the awesome work!