Suze, Video Camera and Carrefour

I finished reading a financial know-how book by Suze Orman and did my math on my current financial situation. So apparently even though with my weekly allowances and once in a while duit minyak from my aunts, I still won't be able to buy a camera before I graduate. My free-lancing job actually costs me money and depletes about 40% of my salary. It adds a couple of pages in my resume and portfolio but it is not sufficient for me to buy a camera.

And since reducing entertainment and miscellaneous expenditure (which I've been doing for 2 months) is not paying off so well, I've been thinking.
Maybe I should work.
No. Not as a designer or 3D modeler but as a cashier, salesman or promoter. A roommate told me Carrefour and other department stores hire part-timers with schedule rearranging priviledges. The salary is RM5 per hour and the average working hour is 6 hours. So RM30 a day. And if I work during special holidays, they'll pay three times the normal wedge. Which ultimately means I have to work for a hudred days to acquire RM3000.
I can live with that.
Why, if I work as a cashier I'll be the best damn cashier in the whole wide world. People will be inspired by my smiles and thank-you-come-again they'll smile back and come again. They'll give me their businesscards and ask me to work for them. They'll even give me a free blow... blowhorn so I can tell them thank-you-come-again from afar. I might even learn how to say it like Apu (you know... the Simpsons Apu..)
Let's give it a try, shall we
Thank You Come Again


Miss Aida said...

I keep forgetting how shit the work rates are in Malaysia.

I suppose for the cost of living that's doable.

Hint: Get cameras on EBay, I think they're cheaper than ever Low Yat.

myadlan said...

can't wait to go to carrefour.. then you can blanje la kan.. hehe

afiq said...

cissss... belanja ais krim bangla yg singgit tuh.

But Ebay takde warranty cik aida. Cheap but too risky.

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