This is Life

Sea, sand and sun. What could be better? I covered my face with a towel and sunbathed and subsequently felt asleep from 8 am to 2 pm. Never in my life have I ever had a face fairer than the rest of my body. Cool eh?
Now I look like one of the Cheeky Girls:
I know, I know... What am I doing reinjecting the seemlessly infectious melody into your i-brain? I was at the midst of deleting songs in my laptop and I accidentally opened the Cheeky Girls song. I was horrified and enlightened at the same time! Now I know how he must have felt.
Let me rub it in a little bit.
I would like to dedicate this cheeky music video to my cheeky boy, Saiful Bukhari. The lyrics basically summed up the agony he's experiencing now.
I never ever ask where do you go
I never ever ask what do you do
I never ever ask what’s in your mind
I never ever ask if you’ll be mine
Come and smile don’t be shy
Touch my bum this is life.

Cheeky cheeky....