7 Fakta

Fact no.1
I'm a WWE and ECW fanatic. I memorized all the wrestlers name and special moves and keep myself updated by renting WWE PayPerView dvds or cds. My all time favourite wrestlers are Trish Stratus, Jeff and Matt Hardy, Ray Mysterio and Chyna.

Fact no.2
Whenever my family go on vacation, my siblings and I will have a hotel room for ourselves and we will turn the whole room into a wrestling ring complete with an entrance hall and a hell in a cell. I'm more of technical wrestler who specializes in grips, tackles and holds. Hadi is a redneck type. Saiful is a natural nacho libre. While Hadi and Saiful like to fashion themselves as Jeff and Matt Hardy or any other tag team equivelant, I will usually choose a female character like Anita Sarawak. (haha)

Fact no.3
I am a fiction feminist. Even though I never acknowledge male-female equality in terms of brains and brawns but I like the idea of equality that resonates in games, series, movies and other cult fiction mediums. My favourite Tekken character is Xiaoyu, my favourite Dynasty Warrior character is Zhen Ji and my favourite kungfu actor is Zhang Ziyi.

Fact no.4
I like my things to be 'customized'. My daily consumption is customized: (nasi goreng pattaya, telur goreng sekali dalam nasi, ayam sahaja, taknak ajinamoto, taknak garam, letak cendawan, goreng bawang goreng sekali) Furnitures in my room will be rearrange every two weeks. Even my clothes will be tempered with.

Fact no.5
I like to ask teka-tekis and answer them. My head is an encyclopedia of tekatekis. I love how this activity will bring out one's personality without having to spend too much time. And the participation is pure gold, a kind of interaction that can only be acquired by a year of sharing a room.

Fact no.6
I have an extremely responsive metabolism. I can gain or drop a maximum of 10 kg a week! Serious tak tipu.

Fact no.7
I'm known to many to have a devil's stomach. I can devour 5 complete meal sets in one meal and still enjoy helpings on dessert. I never never never turn down meals. Never. I also think curry and cheese are only fit for god.

Why am I doing this, telling people what they will never figure out by reading my blog? I want to tell them (you lah!) that we are all unique in our own ways. We are individuals. So why limit our personalities by being pawns of popular sects, groups or cults? There is no need to dress up like an emo, goth or Adam AF2 to be different. We are already different so why replicate pop cultures? You might want to exude your differences by acting up, converse intellectually and study the horizon of possibilities.

Why am I telling you this?


Tomorrow, we'll be opening a stall in KAED and I will be there with my 3 Steps Handwriting Personality Reading Programme.

Check it.


I am the only person (besides NSA, Interpol and CSI psychologists) that I know of that can diognose personalities through handwritings.


Hafidz Baharom said...


Tekken - Jin or Hwoarang

Dynasty Warriors - Zhuge Liang

Kungfu Actor - Ray Park


so no show of individuality by consumer brand conformity? how brave..

lifeinside said...