I kid you not but I actually think girls who covers their aurat sexy. Super duper sexy.

I don't mean girls who wears tight tudung to compliment their tight-fitting outfit or flashy-flowery-colourful baju kurung or kebaya with equally flashy-flowery-colourful vocabulary but those who wears simple aurat covering clothes with subtle-coloured fabric.

Their modesty and pristine overrules any kind of exhibition of beauty.

So ladies, don't believe everything they tell you in magazines, newpapers, television shows or movies. Keep yourself beautiful because Allah loves beauty but do not publicly display your physical beauty. Your beauty, in the eyes of many will exude through your character and personality. I cannot stress this enough!


"If memory serves me correctly, I was wearing a little white tank top and a short black skirt. I had been raised Orthodox Muslim, so I had never before worn such revealing clothing while in my father's presence. When we finally arrived, the chauffer escorted my younger sister, Laila, and me up to my father's suite.

As usual, he was hiding behind the door waiting to scare us. We exchanged many hugs and kisses as we could possibly give in one day. My father took a good look at us. Then he sat me down on his lap and said something that I will never forget.

He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Hana, everything that God made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground covered and protected. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers and layers of rock. You've got to work hard to get to them."He looked at me with serious eyes. "Your body is sacred. You're far more precious than diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too."

Source: "More Than A Hero: Muhammad Ali's Life Lessons Through His Daughter's Eyes."


anisah shurfa said...

Nice! I wish many guys were mature enough to share the same sentiments, though.

When I was in high school for example, I overheard some guys saying they were looking for girls who wore tudung in school, but revealed their hair when not in school.

I guess they meant they wanted the best out of both worlds :-S

myadlan said...

i've fall in love with a girl with purdah once..

i like loving for the mystery

hehe.. tibe2..

Anna said...

oh, i like this.

because i wear the tudung, and my name has aisya in it. so, not aicha, but its accepted kan? haha.

well, good to know some still accept that wearing the tudung 'properly' is good. my community does'nt seem to be getting that however. sorang-sorang i je yg alim tutup sana sini. ;p

aishah said...

my song!!!..huhuhu

Fhayza said...

i really like this entry and so the rest of ur entries! keep up sharing the good ideas!

feistgeist said...

If a girl covers herself up it's for her humility; to detract from unnecessary male attention and prevent perversion. But you just said they're "super duper sexy." Emphasis: "sexy."

Of course wearing too little is off-putting but no matter how much you cover up a woman, men will always be desirous. So how much difference does it make? I respect it as a beautiful tradition and see its merits but it's still no chastity belt.