Love each other or perish -W.H. Auden

Save the environment says a biodegradable shopping bag. Save our trees says another. What a totally self-centred statement! Save the environment?
What we have to understand is the environment will persist. The moment we die because of our own destruction, the environment will flourish and a new host of species will eventually take over.
The statement 'Save the Environment' is implying our detachment from our surrounding, our only home: earth.
Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's
need, but not every man's greed -Mahatma Gandhi
While everyone in this country is fussing over fuel price hikes and that hypocrit Anwar Ibrahim taking advantage of people's misery, neither him nor Pak Lah is concern about the state we're in. Our natural state that is. They talk of growth, of Scomi and Petronas but never, never have I heard about the amount of pollution produced by these companies and how they will overcome it. They don't care. We don't care.
Should we care? Maybe we will, once a natural disaster struck deep into our lands. Only then, when a substantial percentage of the rakyat is sacrificed will the government acknowledge the consequences of irresponsible rapid destruction and unplanned uncompromised development.
It's so sad to see my friends and family or myself die to prove a point to our spineless egoistic leaders.
So very sad.
Sheesh, I'm mad about something. I'm just taking it out on an issue like this. Better this than smoking or doing drugs. Or playing video games. Or devouring sundaes.



Wow very like my ex-wife... Marah kat "A" ungkit sampai "H", "C", "T", "I" and "B"


don't mind


I hope you don't the preachy stuff (tell me if you do!!)

ArRum (30):41 Telah nampak kerosakan di darat dan di laut disebabkan perbuatan tangan manusia, supaya Allah merasakan kepada mereka sebahagian dari (akibat) perbuatan mereka, agar mereka kembali (ke jalan yang benar)

Anonymous said...

Salamun umi son Afiq,

It's a looonnnggg time since my last comment. For once umi agreed with u about d pollution n d ignorance of our leaders. Imagine umi have to face their hippocritissm gesture just to enable to fulfill u n brothers basic needs.

Umi have make many sacrifices n will always be strong coz as taught to u n brothers ALLAH is number one n yakin 100% with HIS rezeki. As one blind woman said " Orang kerja jalan ADDIN n baik akan selalu diduga dan di hina tetapi sebenarnya wangi n mulia di pandangan ALLAH swt"

Do call if u need a listener, take care n solat tahhajud untuk sejukkan hati n redakan ujian serta musibah. U are just at ur first tour of life n insyaallah u'll be aok.


hany said...

the only reason these 'politicians' would even concern themselves with the environment isn't even bcoz they give a shit about it but bcoz its a fashionable thing to argue about these days. ye la, nak pancing hati rakyat kan kene pretend as if they care about matters other than themselves and their effing yachts.
and what about ppl with greenpeace car stickers but still stuck with the mindset of 'buang tisu luar tingkap kereta is ok'.
but i digress.

i'm venting, sorry for doing it here.

afiq said...

Salam umi.

It HAS been a long time and I miss you.

Afiq percaya Tuhan duga utk mengajar umatnya supaya kita boleh kehadapan dan belajar dari kesilapan.

Love you.