Mohd Narcisus Bin Exhibitionism

Guys are getting bolder when it comes to exposing their bodies nowadays. I am of no exception. But being 21 and all (double chewah) I realized that posting racy pictures of myself (if you can consider them racy lah) is sort of like selling myself cheap. And the force that'd driven me to do so was usually the thrill of exposure and sometimes a nudging narcisistic side of me that acts up once in a while. But whatever the reason was, the reaction of people who viewed these pictures were usually loud admiration, quiet lust or unnerving scepticism.

With Friendster, Myspace and Facebook anyone can be their own male model and what better way to fully show off the sharper spectrum of one's physical self other than posing shirtless right?
Wrong! With the existence of these personalized friendship websites, personal privacy is at stake and with the wrong or misleading information that may tag along with shirtless photos, a simple gesture of exhibitionism can even lead to a long term image destruction.

Okay just imagine what would have happened if Saiful Bukhari posted pictures of himself looking like the one above? Major image diluter. Not only will he be known as an anak ikan, he would have carry titles like Sir Tip-a-Nipple or Duke Trail-a-Snail or worse... YB Bend-n-Bang.

Think about it. Do you really want a silly shirtless picture of yourself destroy your hope of becoming a prime minister? Do you want a badly shot, heavily edited half-nudey take away your chance of becoming the next American Idol? Do ya?

These days, any pictures can be perceived in a manner that you might not believe is possible, lagi-lagi lah shirtless pictures. It doesn't matter whether you're hot or not. It's the internet baby. You're hot like a recently fried recycled karipap, with the inti curried potato all shrivelled and stale. And it's way better to show off your newly sculpted Leornado at apartment balconies or Sunway Lagoon. But not in front of a laboriously positioned (imagine stacks of boxes and books on top of a desk) auto-timed digital camera. Alamak 10 seconds. Look at the camera. Suck it in. Flex. Sing.... I'm too sexy for my shirt.. too sexy it hurts.... Aiseh tak sempat. Ok amek lagi. Now its your turn encik bicep.

Can't you tell that I gained weight and I am green with envy that all of you you you you people finally discovered the magic of working out and flaunting every lump of muscle online!

Show off!!!

Whatever, shut up.


Miss Aida said...

LOL. That's hilarious.

It's true though, nowdays your privacy is absolutely at stake. Photos from your youth which you may regret one day can so easily resurface in the future to bite you back.


You dig your own grave.

Danny said...


I think some people like to get attention
Some would get it thru an easy cheap-skate way and some would earn it thru a hard way
Anyway, each of us is accountable for our own actions … pandai buat pandai lah tanggung kan 

Hafidz Baharom said...

kahkahkah! your muka dah gemuk! lol!

however, I think that most guys who do post pictures of them shirtless are psychologically proven narcissist or exhibitionists.

missnadira said...

lol.demmm..why can't i write like you. i'm so jealous!

afiq said...

Right on Aida (and Danny)! I mean unless we're professional models, I don't see how shirtless pictures are beneficial.

Takdelah Aput. And just to clarify things around here, those three pictures aren't mine. I'm fair. Fair. He's (that guy lah) not. But he's a good friend of mine so I don't think he would mind. Gambar hiasan only!

Hiya Dya.

Have you read my entries 2 3 years ago? Terok gila. Eh, you're a Sabahan right?

missnadira said...

terok? i've read your blog dari 2006 kot and i've been envying your writing since..sabahan? lol do i look like one..saya penang mailah Afiq..=P

afiq said...

haaaa.. samalah. I was born in penang, tinggal dekat Minden Height.

It's a small world after all...

Hafidz Baharom said...

dude, how can I tell lah! dah lah negative, then B&W some more.

and you tu bukannyer putih sampai nampak like a white blob on camera, k?

maner la tahu you played with the lighting...


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