Coming Soon: Soulitude

Two days ago I was empty. Yesterday a few drop of ideas condensated from heavy streams of heated conservation. Today I'm filling my Jar with put-ups and put-ons.


My upcoming short film is about a guy who wants to commit suicide and the journey of his soul in a single second before he actually commits it. Naturally, in the world of the dead, a second is considerably long, like 5 minutes or so. This happens because the law of relativity does not apply anymore to wisps of energy.

I heard Jared Leto will be hosting MTV Asia Award.
hint 1: I heard Celcom is its official sponsor.
hint 2: Genting is just around the corner from UIA
hint 3: I'm a big fan of Jared Leto.
hint 4: I heard Celcom is its official sponsor.
hint hint...


syahiransukardi said...

yela afiq
u'r going.dont u
celcom kannnn

*nak jugak*

Miss Aida said...

... Therefore you are switching to Celcom?

afiq said...

nah... I can't afford celcom. Well, not yet at least.

Nothing is set in stone lah syahiran yg tiba2 muncul.

hanyhany said...

jared leto huh?