You better believe it. I took an IQ test at UIA and was told that I'm eligible to join MENSA International. Cool eh? Who would've thought? I'm no stranger to these tests by the way. I passed the very first UPTS and skipped a grade (from year3 to year5) and lost my bestfriend Jason Ng by doing so. I took another one during highschool and my marks allowed me to skip another grade but I didn't (takut tragedi berulang)
A high IQ doesn't necessarily translate success in life. Look what happened to Asia Carrera or Sufiah for that matter. Some even misused their intelligence like Charles Ingram . What naturally intelligent kids really need is not grade skipping but an academy or an institution that fosters their individual passion. This way, these children will not only have the oppurtunity to utilize their mental abilities but will also enjoy compatible companionship.
I 'sold' this idea to my roommate Suhail for his thesis and the price? A mug of cordial drink. Hahah. I actually record the ideas and concepts that I ehem, 'sold' for the past 3 years and the ones that were actually used as main concepts or ideas is roughly 20, mostly to seniors and my own batch. 20 architecture works. I can open a goddamn Concept and Idea Mini Academy.
Concept and Idea Mini Academy or CIMA. Kee-ma? Kimak?
Ooo, tak boleh tak boleh...

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