Soulitude: Prologue

Afiq blows a lit birthday candle off a piece of cheesecake.

"Happy 21st Afiq"

Afiq lies down on his bed as the camera zooms out, showing how explicitly empty his room is. A distant sound of his cell phone neverending text message ringtone became more and more inaudible.

Afiq closes his eyes.

Title appears.

Fades into a lakeside view during dusk. Afiq is seen squating on the brink at the far corner of the lakeside view. His face appears to be hardened and pale, contrasted by the reddening skies.His cell phone in his pocket continues to alert incoming text messages. Afiq's eyes reddens and a drop of tear hangs on his lashes.

The tear drops into the calm lake water and creates a subtle circular wave. Afiq recites a poem:
Alone am I, deep in myself

Alone am I, swallowed by distress

Alone am I, in the horror of dead silence

Alone am I no more when the waters takes me

By breath, my heart, my blood, my veins, my senses

My life, no more.

Afiq closes his eyes.

In solitude

No more

A heavy splash of water brushes off the dying circular wave.

Fades to black.


Hafidz Baharom said...

why so emo?

tak dapat tengok Jared Leto ker?


goth gituh!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest umi son afiq,

a poem for u dear.

Feeling alone is a bless
That's when u can focus
Solitude is love
That's when HE touches u

Dream dream dream of ur future
Coz reality is at ur finger
Day past, day go, day still
U'll walk, u'll run, u'll fly
U'll anger, u'll laugh, u'll cry
Close ur eyes n feel my hug n my kisses as always, coz u are my special n will always be my special.
The emptiness is just a space dearest son for more love n smile.
Let it flow n slowly u'll be what u want to be with HIS blessing n my prayers.

Love u dearest son afiq n take care.