Autumn's End

Petals of summer's gold
Golden, crisp yet unyielding,
Crisp yet unyielding,
Only to a slight touch
To the wind's clutch
Virgin of green
Of gold and of eternity
Virgin of life
Blow a sigh
Blow a sigh
Blow it all way
In hands of grime
Why endure such hate
Unyielding hate
With refined nature
Of you soft, golden spirit
Yellow or not
A dusk's sky glows
The dusk, it glows!
Silent bliss
Silently dying
Do you not see the wrath?
Of the yellowing dusk?
Never to surrender
To darkness
Never for once
For a lifetime
Do you not see the beauty?
The ending chapter
Of the virgin's repulsion
The ending chapter
Of your being
Why no beauty could belie
Your appreciation
Your affection
Your appraisal
As you are
no more

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Irzan said...

I like sonnet 18 better :)