Tudung, hijjab: to wear or not to wear?

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SO what's up lah?

Hijjab. Tudung. To wear or not to wear?

My first impression on this issue is a blunt YES but considering my family background and friends, it seems that no one (except my mom lah) wears hijjab. No one. Why ah? I would be considered ignorant if I were to start this topic with a statement like this ~ It's a Muslim women's responsibility to cover their aurah and therefore...

But will I wear a tudung if I'm a woman? With my basic fundamentals of Islam, will I do it? It is painful to admit this but seriously, I don't really want to wear one (don't get the wrong idea now...) Why? Why? Why?

Another question struck while I'm contemplating on this issue.. Why is it a norm to see Malaysian Muslims wearing the hijjab when they reach the peak of their life; or simply when they are 55 - 70 years old. When they are no longer beautiful and vibrant. When their skin creased and their hair thinning. Seriously, I don't know.

Is it considered liberal to NOT wear a hijjab? Bluntly again, I'll say YES. I'm not saying this based on ignorance but experience. Because I live in a community where the stereotypes are often reality. Because I live in a multicultural country where opinions differ but misconceptions are similar. Because I simply believe the streotype and at the same time, encouraging it.

-Haikal's sister had to take off her hijjab to work in a high profile company.
-My mom replaced her hijjab with a fancy hat so she won't be treated as a Makcik Lemak lady in Putrajaya.
-My aunt don't wear hijjab because she doesn't want to quit being friends with non-muslims.
-Another aunt told me her PR job will be hellish if she wears a hijjab.
-My cousins blurted..."Macam ustazah!"
-My dad will call anyone and I do mean anyone Ustazah if she wears a hijjab.

............ ... ........... ...

This is reality baby! This is it! This how things will be if we keep it up. If the misconceptions are treated seriously. If blurry eyes are kept binded.

Discuss and make sense of it. We are HUMAN beings. I don't appreciate ignorant statements like -If you don't do so, you'll go to hell- or hypocrisy... I prefer the truth; eye opening truth, constructive and subjective truth. Truth. Personal truth. Not a 'believed' truth but pure and unaffected....


Chemistry Grad said...

i'm goin to promote this particular post to few of my mat salleh friends who constantly asking me about islam.
personally, it hurts me how ppl stereotype the situation.berani nyer kite mempermain-lekehkan hukum agama!well, eventhough i don't wear one, i have my own reason that is not because of anything. i choose this way for the time being, and i'm still searching for a better one. thank God, Dia gerak kan hati u to write this post.it's a good thing to me,that i can do more observations and listening.consider and weigh..
oh..hehe, pls review my latest poem 'kid's pieces'. i listened then i wrote it, like u..hehe kid nak tiru, bleh? and some french words are inside too..huhu~ my next door roomate tolong ajarkan. chaiyook, kid!!!

ryhn said...

hmm..a sensitive issue..lets just put it this way, the way i see it, hijab is something ruled by God, and i'm shur we all know what that means..hence, i dun see any reasons that shud stop someone from practising it. meB some people have their reasons or excuses but so far, all my life, hijab alhmd has not stopped me from socializing or made things difficult for me.(mesia, or england alhmd) tho i do get not-so-nice-nor-equal treatment but who cares? at the end of the day, ur judged individually..stand for whats right! berani kerana benar aye?

heck..byk nak citer kalau citer pasal hijab nih..heh..

afiq said...

But for some people, a lot of people, the hijjab had been a factor of these ppl's denial to higher education. Some will never get a job promotion because of it especially in the corporate world in malaysia.

For some, they have to work harder to potray their commitment to their work compared to their collegues to earn recognition.

lubna said...

Dear Afiq,

Its funny. I was just going to blog about this, but you beat me to it. Mine though wasn't going to be about hijjab alone, but was going to touch on what it means to be a Muslim in today's world, and my worries on what kind of 'Muslims' my future child (Insya Allah) would be mixing with.

As Ryhn puts it, memang banyak cerita kalau nak cakap pasal hijjab ni.

I think I'll send you a Friendster message instead. Be warned...mungkin agak panjang. Hehe.


Anonymous said...

Hijab well i was one of the wearer and it was wonderful, peaceful n food 4 soul. I thought it was going 2 b panas but not at all, funny though. Everybody treat me the same though gossip kat belakang, fanatik n kampungan. my marketing was swell got the fresh one coz they takut tipu me. Situation forced me 2 opt 2 hat. The same i received from others ie melayu perasan mat salleh n many others. Truth is satisfy ur soul needs others let them b. ALLAH Al Mighty is ever so loving n forgiving better 2 once feel the feeling from onside then u judge urself. Makananpun kita cuba2 apa pasei takut nak pakai hijab. Tak boleh tukar tudungke asal tutup tak nampak aurat rambut sudahle.Most important d feeling of closeness. ITS WONDERFUL I TELL U. experience it ok everybody

Chemistry Grad said...

FEELING OF CLOSENESS..yea, good idea!hmm..during maulidur rasul in NZ pun, tak ada ribut, tak ada petir, i dunno why i felt like wearing it throughout the whole occasion until i reach home.different feeling..feeling of closeness..mmm..*redigest*

afiq said...

gosh.. im honoured that umi is taking part of this eventhough she's so busy with her job and all.

Hat! It works I tell you,, you can perasan that ur a french aristocrat! Classy jugak

afiq said...

gosh.. im honoured that umi is taking part of this eventhough she's so busy with her job and all.

Hat! It works I tell you,, you can perasan that ur a french aristocrat! Classy jugak

Chemistry Grad said...

brilliant snap back, lubna!!!post ur own idea..i wanna read ur post in ur blog!

I Complain A Lot said...

When asked on why they don't wear hijjab, many women just say that it's not been proven in the Quran.

WHAT THE HECK. They say that its all samar-samar.

Others say they're not ready for it. Just as how they say muda-muda nak enjoy dulu, and only when they're old they will focus on religion.

But what if they die before they grow old and sempat do anything for their religion?

I'd also like to complain about the NGO body, Sisters in Islam. How is it they're sisters in Islam when their own president disobeys Allah by not covering her aurah?

i havent finished complaining yet said...

Oh, and your aunts 'friends'? How can they be friends if they cannot accept it if she wears a hijjab?

And your cousins that say, 'macam ustazah!' Well, huh, is lookin like an ustazah an insult?

anisah shurfa said...

I understand what you mean when you say that you wouldn't want to wear a hijjab if you were a girl. Heck, if I had the choice, I wouldn't be wearing it either.

But that's the point. we don't have a choice

Rules are rules. A person can say whatever they want, come up with as many, feeble, materialistic excuses than they can think of, but they still cannot deny that they're breaking Allah's rules.

I love how you're addressing this issue. Not many would, because it's a "sensitive" issue, very "contraversial". To hell with that. Everyone knows the truth already; that wearing hijjab is a MUST.

Sorry that I'm forced to rant on your blog. The thing was, I was already contemplating on writing an entry about tudungs in my own blog just yesterday. But since you beat me to it, I'm just going to link to your entry.

afiq said...

in UIA, SIS is considered a deviant teaching of Islam. They are however a valid NGO so wat to do lah... Their opinion on this matter is that Rasulullah instructed his followers to cover the aurah to adapt to the windy and sandy condition in Makkah and Madinah.

I wanna complain some more... said...

What the heck la...

I don't understand one more thing.

The woman's hair is aurah, just like the rest of her body apart from tapak tangan, tapak kaki and muka. So if they don't want to wear hijjab, why don't they just go naked? Don't make any difference innit?

...And a bit more... said...

Oh yeah, and that comment by SIS? Does that mean that if it wasnt windy and sandy, everyone can go naked?

I think in the end people are just finding every excuse not to wear the hijjab. For what reasons, I do not know. Could be their own egos. Could be they're afraid of what people will say.

But if you were a true Muslim, you'd follow Allah's command NO MATTER WHAT. Rasulullah went through so much hardship and challenges but he never surrendered to any evil.

So why should we give up? Why do we choose not to wear the hijjab, thus disobeying Allah, just because we're afraid of what people say about is or how people will treat us if we do wear hijjab? To heck with other people. In the end it's just between you and Allah.

Ok I think I'm done here...

Najia said...

to add to the long and illustrious list of comments, i just want to say that when i read this entry, it reminded me of what my friend mentioned bout sisters in islam (SIS), u know, the one where the director is the lady who doesn't wear a hijab. i mean, how can u get respect if the director herself doesn't wear a hijab? it shows that these ppl who are working under the name 'sisters in islam' don't even follow the shariah! SIS has the nerve to say that Allah didn't say that we had to cover our hair. it's written there repeatedly in the Quran and Sunnah! they're just propagating feminism padahal they say they're doing everything for islam. i just don't understand them.
another thing, about the three daughters of prime ministers, anak Pak Lah, anak Tun Hussein and anak Mahathir. 2 of them don't wear hijabs and 1 of them wears it mcm mak datin. they're giving speeches all under the name of Islam but the most basic, simple rule they can't follow. bila non muslims tgk, they'll c that islam is liberal, and wearing the hijab is not compulsory which is wrong!
my fren pernah sembang with a korean traveller in an LRT train and he was observing a malay girl. the malay girl didn't wear a hijab. he was asking my fren, malays are all muslims and muslim females have to wear hijabs...then why doesn't she wear one? my friend, who wears hijab, was so embarassed, she didn't know what to say. it's just embarassing u know? i have nothing against ppl who choose to not wear, it's just that i pray that they realise why muslim females are obliged to wear hijabs.

Irzan said...

Dear Afiq,

This issue had been discussed extensively in my blog, as a result of me going clubbing at at the same time still befriending those that wear hijab.

And at the same time, i have friends that wear hijab at day time and remove them when night falls. Sigh.

So what am i going to say? Hypocracy? Idiotic?

I merely answered that people has their own rights on what to practice of their religion, it's their responsibility towards the God above, not ours. We have the responsibility of telling and advising them but when it comes to the action, we simply have no power.

Maybe it's because of the weakest faith factor. Our Prophet did describe the level of faith in three condition: changing with our hands (the highest level), saying with mouth (moderate) and hating with our heart (weakest).

But then again, is not wearing hijab a form of maksiat? We must discuss this because there are many variations of ulama' tafsir that argues about the hijab.

And I do not agree that it is "said repeatedly" in the Quran about the command of wearing hijabs.

But then again, if we want to discuss about it, we don't have the knowledge to. At least the sufficient amount of knowledge that is needed about Islam for us to be able to discuss about religious matter.

Until then, just take care of yourself and make sure you practise good Islam principles. Other than that, it's just other people.

Really wanna meet ya in Malaysia la dude if it's possible. Wanna taste your pasta if can. ;)

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

To me it is something personal. No one should force people to wear the hijab if she doesn't want to. However, its funny that so much that it can become such a hot sensitive issue. On the other hand, try writing a post on corruption, drug addiction, tidak apa behaviour or even incest. You will be luck if you can get a few comments.

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

BTW, I have written about this issue a couple of times, here is one of them:


afiq said...

Yes...yes...and another YESSS!!

Its a personal choice. A choice that is only valid to individuals. A choice of action but strictly not of religeon.

I dont agree with some ppl who reactsed harshly on those who dont wear hijjab. Its their choice. Who are we to judge them?

Same goes to SIS. They live by example by how they understand the religeon and we should truly focused on how they interpret Islam as a congregation of women. Not how they are dressed.

Scrutinizing unnessecary things are common here in Malaysia but puh-leez, self-righteousness is not how we educate ppl. It's by living by example.

Anonymous said...

SIS is a liberal muslim organization. Their opinion about hijab is unacceptable. Wearing hijab to adapt the sandy and windy condition? Oh.. no.. no way dude. Wearing hijab is mandatory because it is a law stated in Al-Quran. Al-Quran comes from Allah. What does that mean? It means that God asks muslimah to wear hijab. We can't question it. Based on Islamic history, women at that time would never show their hair even a single tiny hair. According to SIS, they wore hijab just to adapt to the windy and sandy condition, then if that's the case, then, it is okay to unveil their hair. But why did the sahabat really concern about their wives aurat? They didn't even allow their wives to show their hair. You shouldn't be a liberal muslim. Liberalism transforms Islam. It is really dangerous and it is our job to preserve Islam. Yes, don't judge a book by its cover. My aunt doesn't wear hijab too. Does it means that I have to hate her? No way.. She's the most lovely aunt I had. But to be an open minded person by backing up SIS is not acceptable. Islamic law is Islamic law. That's what it is. There's no way for us as a human being to challenge the supreme power. Rasulullah SAW said, if you see a mungkar in front of your eyes, then, stops it with your hands (power), if you are not able to do so, speak up upon the mungkar, if you are still not able to do so, then, hate the mungkar with your heart, but by doing so, is at the lowest faith of all. I find your blog very interesting. I'm learning some comparative religion and I can see that you have a good knowledge about it. Keep it up. Peace on you.


afiq said...


nana said...

owh.. this topic will take forever to discuss.. the hijab, veil or what ever it is called is a way to protect our aurah.. so yes, it is a command!! end of story.. to force?? no no way.. la ikraha fi dinn.. means tiada paksaan dalam agama.. no force.. yes its a choice.. a choice to obey Allah biddings or not. what the SIS said?? they're just jahil.. jahil in the Allah's law.. any excuses created, is only excuses.. the fact still remain they choose to disobey..
i have no probs with free haired girls.. in fact, i have loads of them.. no probs there, its their choice.. slowly and sometimes indirectly, i tried to ask or i suggested to them to wear hijjab.. alhamdulillah, some of them actually listens.. but if they don't, all i could do is pray to Allah that they will find it in their heart to wear it someday..

a few times, non muslims asked me on the same topic, why some wears it and why some dont.. i said it is simple.. wearing hijjab is one of the rule in Islam, we must cover our aurah.. but then again, it is the same as any rules.. it is there, but still people choose to go against it..
exampe, the school have rules such as no vandalizing, but still u could find scribbles everywhere on the school walls mainly the toilets.. a country have law.. but there would always be those law breakers.. why?? bacause they choose to do it.. they choose to go against it.. it is the same concept..
owh about wearing hijjab as an obstruct in social life, it is soooo lame.. sorry, but its true.. i hang out with different kinds of people, malay, chinese, indians, japanese, asians, caucasians, u name it, no probs.. they respected what i believe, and have no such problem whatsoever.. some of them like and respected muslim women much more than any other women.. seriously, wearing a hijjab Alhamdulillah has never be any problem for me to interact with other people, muslim or not.. :)

but then again, its my oppinion.. any other person might feel different about it.. its just something i thought would like to share :)

~nana signing out again :) ~

afiq said...

thanks for sharing ur thoughts, nana..

ur da gurl!! (a female version of ur da man!!!)

Eleanor Konon said...

This is my 1st time visiting your site coincidently from Google. I initially wanted to know what was the hukum for seeing men or women's aurah unintentionally but constantly? (i'm currently studying in some Western country so yknow..?) I would guess that you're still a young but intelligent lad and a Malaysian but unfortunately living in a place and time where most of the people (esp the so called Muslims) are living in a such confused state.

I don't want to repeat what others have said. What the past commentators said about donning the hijab is a command and all is the truth. You can't break or amend/change the rule of Allah for the sake of your pleasure, Afiq. Well you can, if you choose to end up in Hell.

I suggest that whenever you get responses from people, do take it in and have a think about it. Don't just seek comments that satisfy YOUR personal opinion. Think and reflect about other opinions that go against yours. Step outside your 'box'.. go and research (Google is the bomb) about things you don't understand in Islam.. i can assure you that your mind and perception will expand :)

If you have the chance to live outside your comfort zone, away from home, i'm sure you would know what i mean. Salam.

afiq said...

eleanor dearest,

i am very much aware of the need of covering the aurah. I am a student of the International Islamic University Malaysia. But the hijjab issue is not publicly known in this country so what I'm doing now is just implying an echo of reality, to encourage curiousity and to make ppl learn for themselves.

But i take it as a compliment that ur doubtful of my religion, because I do need to learn more about Islam

eleanor rigby said...

Afiq ko tak tahu ugama jangan nak menuduh orang lain ngok. Ko ibaratkan SIS kata kalau tak pakai tudung sama macam telanjang...bodoh betul. Bace ayat ni.. pompuan kena tutup KEMALUANNYA...jelas...yang diantara dua peha itu kemaluan..paham melayu tak...? Siapa yang tambah semua tubuh pompuan jadi kemaluan..?

Adapun sanad dan dalil dari ijma' tersebut ialah ayat Al-Qur'an:

"Katakanlah kepada wanita yang beriman, 'Hendaklah mereka menahan pandangannya, memelihara kemaluannya, dan janganlah menampakkan perhiasannya, kecuali yang (biasa) tampak darinya. Dan hendaklah mereka menutupkan kain kerudung ke dadanya, ..."

Menahan pandangan dari tenguk porn kat internet...pompuan kat internet...kat IIU tu semua hipokrit dan munafik siapa yang tenguk gambar pompuan...sape yang makan cili dia terasa lah..alim konon...

Ini lebih jelas dari pompuan pakai tudung atau tidak...Yang jelas dilanggar ko ingat Tuhan tak nampak ko tenguk kemaluan pompuan kat internet?
Pandai ko kutuk SIS...ko budak sabah tahu apa..orang iban dan kadazan semua tak pakai bra ko tak tahu...? Tapi itu budaya mereka...

ekanir said...

Ayat an nur ada sebut memelihara kemaluan...apa maksud nya? Takde yang sentuh. Wanita kena pelihara kemaluan macam mana?
Apa pandangan ulama dalam hal wanita memelihara kemaluan ini? Apakah dijaga rapi..di cukur ke? Ini lebih interesting dari rambut...apa komen..
Sudah pasti ramai juga wanita yang ingin tahu bagaimana memelihara kemaluannya.

afiq said...

dahla wei..

Taknak layan org kampung yg suka maki hamun..

Anonymous said...

I am actually contemplating whether or not to wear the hijjab despite the fact that I don`t perform the prayers, I don`t recite the holy Quran as frequent as I`m suppose to. I just don`t know why I`m not doing all those obligations. Bukannye i tak tau yang kalo tak buat semua tuh berdosa. I guess I kind of get used to it kot but it`s not that I like it or anything just maybe my faith is not that solid. I percaye in Islam but I know very little about it. Memanglar kat sekolah ade subjek agama, but they don`t teach you to believe in Islam, they don`t teach u bout what being a muslim is all about. What I can remember was how annoyed I was with my ustazah, she didn`t portray an ustazah behavior at all. Every class dier akan perli dgn pedas nye orang2 yang tak pakai tudung kat sklh. Is that the way to menggalakkan murid2nye memakai tudung?? Helo, kalo pakai tudung tapi pakai short sleeve sesangat or worst, pakai tudung pastue skirt terbelah gile2. Macam nie ker orang pakai tudung?? Ouhkay, i`m getting emotional, i better stop here....

afiq said...

Islam is a system or a guideline. We have to follow the guidelines but in between the many lines, we have to make a mark in this world. Technology, poetry, whatever..

It is a system that was created by the creator of universe to protect ourselves from evil, and most importantly, from ourselves.

hazel darwisya said...

"orang iban dan kadazan semua tak pakai bra ko tak tahu...? Tapi itu budaya mereka..."
-mamat mane tah ckp ni mmg asam keping tul.aku nak maki tapi xblh gak..(jge kesopanan tp-takat yg mampu jela)

wahai si polan, ko jumpe katne org iban / kadazan xpki bra?awek ko ke?time tdo maybe la kot(generally most women do that, not just iban or kadazan or melanau or bidayuh or so many or) xpasal2 dah menjatuhkan maruah org lain tau x? jgnkan bra,tdung pn aku pakai tau x?!kpale spanar tul.tah la.maybe ko ade nampak kat mane2.ak pon ade nampak pompan (mcm org asli) pki kain je smpi pnggang.kat buku library zaman skola rendah dulu2.tu pun buku org putih yg wat.zaman bile gambar tu ak xigt dah.black n white.n xde plak die ckp,"this is iban women".neither kadazan.ko sure ke pompan iban o kadazan xpkai bra?budaya?WTFart.Never say anything u r not sure of.that'll sure show how ignorance u r.sorry to aware bout that.go hide ur face behind the pc if u r reading this.cause i might see u.hahahaahahaah

Dayana said...

today marks the second week i don the hijab. unfortunately, malaysian muslims wearing the hijab are not all wearing it in the proper ways, or for the right reasons.

for all muslimahs who are interested in hijab wearing, i recommend WWW.WELOVEHIJAB.COM

honestly, you want to know what's stylish, yet Islamic? you need motivation and inspiration? you need support and guidance? try that website.

we are malaysians, where malaysia is a muslim country. i have read so many blogs by converts and fellow muslims (in australia, france, america, canada) whose faith and understanding of Islam is so much stronger. it is so beautiful. even the niqabis (women wearing purdah, cover whole face) is now all beauty to me (if you don't believe me..learn about them...honestly...don't just condemn).

i found out that if you truly want to understand Allah, InsyaAllah He guides you to it. Islam is the way of life. Islam is THE religion.

i am not "wow skarang dah bagus sangat la, pakai tudung..." no..i have done many sins and gone astray..24 years of living. i have embraced many things. and i have gone through bad times asking God WHY??? getting angry at Him and hating life. but Alhamdulillah...i was blessed to see things in a different perspective when i asked for it.

i started from ISLAMONLINE.NET (there are forums where scholars answer everything in Islamic perspectives..and they ring true..it brought me so much to understanding Islam...rather than just live with the whole God says don't God says must..etc). I also found the Quran with translations very very beneficial to read, or meet with someone knowledgable. InsyaAllah...you will be opened to a new light of life.


and the best thing is, you begin to realize how true Islam is, a religion of peace. God knows best.
yes He does.

God bless :)

hazique said...

to me, lets not ques. 2 much bout everything that God has prescribed to us...there's thousands and lots of hidden meaning that, we as man, will be never know of some of them.
and hijab is one of them...who r we to ask bout God as we are all from Him, isnt?....
Go hijab!

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hamba allah said...

The reality is sad.

But the hukum on aurat is clear.
It is a sin if not followed but only Allah knows who goes to hell.


Muslim said...

its just simple..

For those who is not wearing hijab, they are shame being a Muslim and don't wanna people know they're muslim..

And for who are wearing hjab..(not everybody) they are proud to be Muslim and wanna show to people how they proud being in identity of Muslim..

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Get a life said...

Islam is from the Arabs. They have their cultures and mythology.

christianity comes from the Jews. Jesus was a jewish priest. They have their mythologies.

We are Malays. No reason to wear tudung or hijab or whatever. Not our culture.

We berkemban selalu sidai kain.

Religions was a social phenomenon of every culture to cope with the unknown. Now we have met every people of every religion we know that cows cannot be holy. Unless it is holy cow!

Or Buddha karma is just a theory.

So get the most from life dont be hood winked by arabs..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The wearing if HIJAB is never mentioned in QURAN...FACTS! Who interpret Quran? MEN! It is somekind of control over women in this case and it starts long time ago. It was argued on tv a long time ago and this cleric from EGPYT failed to show prove about Hijab and Women in Quran. I myself search and research and it is proven..NOTHING that says women must wear hijab or cover their hairs!

Anonymous said...

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Understandtobefree said...

Hijab is method for Arab men to control their women folks.

In their culture / religion women belongs to the men.

Men can marry up to 4 women at one time and ensure that each have their rotation at sex. That means the Arab men have sex every day while the women maybe 2 days a week. hehehe

To ensure submission the women sexual urges are reduced by cutting of their clitoris thus reducing their sensation.

So before any Malay girls want to wear hijab you must understand you must cut off your clitoris too to be fully in line with Arab culture.

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