judge n bury

I've been buying teh ais every evening in UIA at the same shop since I studied here; making me a teh ais regular. But this random sequent of action was a tad disturbing when the abang air perpared me my teh ais when he caught me in sight yesterday.

abang air: Teh ais dek?
afiq: Nescafe ais satu *trying to sound confident despite my eagerness of drinking my teh ais*
abang air: Teh ais taknak dek?
afiq: bagi dua-dua lah

I threw away the Nescafe ais when he was no longer able to see me.. Ego you say? Maybe... But the point is: I hate being judged! So don't. No one likes to be judged!
Kepada abang kedai air:

And the Gubra post-trauma: It's a phucking FICTIONAL MOVIE. Not a bloody documentary!

To clear things up.. Al*** is Alema, a blogger. I don't think this kind of response is suitable from a person I didn't insult. Maybe tersilap orang kot....



syazwan said...

muhahah...tergelak baca...maybe hidup kita macam tu..

rasanya kan, afiq patut rasa gembira sebab dia dah kenal afiq dan tahu semua kehendak afiq

cam dalam Macam2 Aznil, yang tajuk Warung, artis jemputan Jimmy Trek Selebriti tu... dengar balik jawapan dia!!

Anonymous said...

tak pandai berhujah tapi sibuk nak berhujah. hujah kosong tanpa dalil.

afiq said...

u r perfectly entitled to your opinion but i would like to know what i was debating about..

and plz leave your name next time...

superclosetnerd said...

i was out looking for harry potter sites to get ideas for mine... and somehow landed here. still haven't figured out the search engines. anyway... looks good.
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Anonymous said...

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