triple sigh....

This decade marks the spot for late marriages, a far cry 10 years ago. Facts and surveys... you know them all! Work, money, time and (giggles) personal space. if you're 21 years old right now, a student and ambitious, you'll probably be married when you're 35.

35, the peak of womanhood. So right now you're more comfortable calling your spouse 'my boo'. --Marriage will have to wait-- I agree whole heartedly but my brain tells me otherwise. It just does. Tsk. How many 'boos' will you have to go through till you find true love?

see you next class e!!


Chemistry Grad said...

u know me, so no comment.

how many more boys i'll fancy around?!
i'll stop till i find the RIGHT GUY.

THE ONE is not to be said here..c ya when i c ya!

good luck in ur current relationship! take care of each other no matter what, one day, time will proves n tells EVERYTHING that u need to know.

Chemistry Grad said...

(missing smthing)

if TIME will proves n tells EVERYTHING that u need to know then,


Anonymous said...

wait.. dang, im gonna be married at 35 then?
haha.. wokay ;p

- Puteri.

afiq said...

Dang indeed. haha. Me?? Cannot tell but I think when i reach my first million. heheh.