Aaaah... Cloud watching.... Love it....
Holiday tantrums I guess; I was artistically rebelious, a feeling an arch student is very much used too: unused-no project-no sketching-no library

What better activity than to watch clouds as it transforms into many shapes; and how I relate those new found shapes with my visual memory... Lists goes on:
-Swan with dragon tail
-Flying dinosour
-Beauty and the beast
-Big bad wolf
-A phoenix
-A monster going "Arrgh!!"
-Tumbuk Belacan
-Slaughtered chicken
-Slaughtered chicken brought back to life
-Chicken jadi chic
-Goofy and his mother


Aisya S. said...

Chicken jadi chic?...Goofy and his mother?

Bwahahahahahaha Moohawhawhawhaw

Irzan said...

omg u have one interesting hobby here. a melancholic one that is. psychologically you're lonely.

any objection? :)

Chemistry Grad said...

psychologically, mentally AND physically afiq is NOT alone. kan afiq, kan?