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Oh gosh.. A week had passed.. another week of holiday left! I spent 3 whole days reading Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince only to know that my favourite character, Dumbledore's dead! *Dush* What a waste of time. Shouldn't have read it. So wat to do lah now? I really don't know..

I'm currently catching up with my sleep, sleeping for over 10 hours a day to compensate all the sleepless nights I endured in UIA.. sometimes 12 hours.. sometimes the whole day.. it depends lah. If I have the chance to get drunk, mabuk halal: by eating loads of tapai with vanilla ice-cream, I'll sleep for a whole day. So that's that, another week to go....

I'm currently artistically rebelious; having known of the absence of creativity from my life, anything strange and psychotic would be meaningful to me. Anything at all. Try me,,,

In the toilet... pelik tapi benaaar!~

Reflection on bubbly.. camera moves upwards........

An unusual head with glossy hair submerged..... Not to mention a pair of thick angry eyebrows

It's alive! It's ALIVE!!! An overweight Afiq looks on a glass of bubbly.

Reflection, reflection.... Look at how the waiter pour the bottle of bubbly.. Amazing innit? What balance.. What sophistication? What pride? What kind of deoderant do you use, brother? Not bad lah the smell..

The snail-grapper-mathingy...


Aside from architecture and writing, I love... LOVE *imagine me shouting hysterically* Pasta and CHEESE. I'm an expert of pasta cooking, cheese foundueing, and their history and origin..and other stuff that involves these two beautiful words ever invented: PASTA .. CHEESE..

FYI, I know how to cook 10 different pastas in 2 to 3 different different rendition. So kalau nak ajak ke rumah tuh... *ehem ehem* ask me for the list of ingredients lah so I can cook one up in a storm.


Chemistry Grad said...

wokeh afiq!
remember eh, u cook me loads of dishes biler i balik malaysia nanti!!
pasta, veggie soup, noodles with cheese, creame and milk!!
and fried rice gak!!!
mocha satu, mamak!!

Anonymous said...

Gi tak sakap ini yang frust ni b truthful boleh experience same.

kuh4z said...

u ate at victoria's station. i know i'm right because i know i'm right.

hah =)

and because i ate there yesterday, so i remember the setting and all. yeah.

and pasta & cheese is the best combination. EVER.

Chemistry Grad said...

haha..saper makan kat victoria station?!*skeptical*

Irzan said...

kid jom kita paksa afiq masak ek? ;) btw bila u balik malaysia? i'm coming back this july (early july la that is) and you?

is that champagne?

and you're definitely NOT skinny la pls la afiq. stop being paranoid. kid faster influence afiq of him not being skinny, he's influenced by his inner conscious. bad one that is...

Chemistry Grad said...

last minute sebelum i fly, afiq owe me veggie soup with cheese and milk..i have no idea at all how the heck all these can get together with the sayur and soup..tu ah yg curious!..hehe..then sebelum sebelum tuh, he ajar camner nak masak nasi goreng yg sampai skrang i tak lepas2 lagi..huhu~

oh..i balik summer holiday in NZ around disember. end of the year la..why? u? russia june-july kan?

afiq dah gemok..nanti tak kiut, kid and irzan lari!!

irzan, u lari sebelah sana, i lari sebelah sini, dekat ngan afiq, hehe!