May Resolution

29th of April.. It's almost May man! And I haven't tick off half of my new year resolution yet! Yikes! Heh, If you're feeling sympathetical towards me, turn off you monitor and observe your reflection. You hear me right: OBSERVE. Have your face trim down together with your weight considering the 4 months of resoluting --have to lose weight--

Let's start anew people! Let's do it! This Saturday or Sunday will be the time of change. The time of transformation. Metamorphosis. These are several ways to visualize change:

~Buy a new sketchbook. All empty and white and start the new page with: I'm reborn.
~Do this at night: hug your bantal busuk and say to him/her: for you, I will change.
~Do this at 12 in the afternoon: Talk to the abang kedai air and tell him all about your new resolution.
~Do this at midnight: Sing 'this boots are made for walking.........'
~And the most effective method: Go SHOPPING... yeehaw!

~Write down your resolution again and swallow it; I suggest writing them on a piece of bread with melted chocolate. Wait till it's hardened and do what you've been doing profusely for 4 months: eat it!

~Why am I doing this? This is so CLEOish....


Anonymous said...

Afiq, the new age sensitive men are allowed to be CLEO-ish.. heck, im reading it right now! =)

Chemistry Grad said...

good luck, afiq!!!!

kim salam kat E-E, tau??!!

afiq said...

the age sensitive men....
I pose no further question because I'm seriously none of that. heh.