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Since I've loads of free time, I decided to make my own research on miscellaneous historical events. Sorting them and reassembled pieces of misinterpreted facts. It is only an amatuer research done by an 18 year old so it's up to you if you want to make sense of it....

First thing first: to my kind commenter Aput, there s no such person as Jesus Barabbas. You might have mistaken the word Barnabas which is the Gospel that had the story of Jesus's crucification.

Another fresh and shocking fact: The Gospel of Judas was just recovered last year and was restored this year, having 85% of its original content. (watch Discovery Channel lately?)

Muslims believed that Judas was the person crucified based on the Gospel of Barnabas. The Church denied Gospel of Barnabas's credibility, and was labelled as a product of forgery.

The new found Gospel of Judas has the story of Jesus's life, similar to the rest of the disciple's gospel but does not have the story of Jesus's crucification. It ends abruptly at the part where Jesus was supposedly caught. Why so? Logically, Judas was not present during the crucification! He was simply crucified.

The famous kiss given by Judas was therefore not an act of moral grotesque but simply a gesture of thanks from Jesus to Judas. Booyah!

Any transformation that had taken place: NO! Judas, to start off has a striking resemblance to Jesus. It was told in all the discples' Gospels that Judas features are similar to Jesus's and had many times confused Mary, Jesus's mother.

So that's that. Erm, yes... this is only an amatuer study and if I dissapear from this world in an abrupt manner, you have the church to blame. --just a playful disclaimer--

There're more I would like to discuss concerning the Last Supper painting particularly about MARY MAGDALENE, but I'll save that for later...



Chemistry Grad said...

ever heard this?

"Talk to me about the truth of religion and I'll listen gladly. Talk to me about the duty of religion and I'll listen submissively. But don't come talking to me about the consolations of religion or I shall suspect that you don't understand."

but,it is doubtless true that religion has been the world's psychiatrist throughout the centuries.

but all i can say is God not only plays dice, he also sometimes throws the dice where they cannot be seen.

can u see the dice?find that missing dice..

afiq said...

See this discovery in a diff perspective, won't u.. I do not intend to invalidate any religeon but to make a discovery. To seek the truth.

Its more of a historical research not a religeous one.


Chemistry Grad said...

fine, maybe i should just listen..or read.

Better to remain silent and be thought than to speak out and remove all doubt.

afiq said...

I don't get sarcasm but hey, u did commented on the issue. And am I not human to react to it?

Hafidz Baharom said...

jesus barabbas does exist:

during passover, the Roman prefercture asked them to choose between Jesus Christ or Jesus Barabbas (or simply Barabbas, sorry for that)

as for Barnabas, he wrote the Gnostic Barnabas Bible, which some say is the closest relation to the Islamic Koran

Chemistry Grad said...

since i'm a bio major student..i dont really accept some part that we discussed that day.

eg. u were saying that there are formulas for all cretion on earth. i've been revising my previous notes on basic chem and bio (since i have big papers on both)

eg. i dont see the relationship between the process taking place in an individual atom or cell with any formula or logical thinking.

lets take Amoeba for example, simple organism, suppose the simplest thing to figure it out. the locomotion is RANDOM. hmm.. i dont think there is a specific formula that explain how the cilliae beat against the current and which way its heading to, when its goin to divide...sometimes things just happen. well, maybe there's chemical rx occur which involve ..yes.. chemical formula somewhere, but...

what do u think about "kun fa ya kun" ?

afiq said...

the PHI is the formula of the physical appearances of visible plants, animal and human. For example: the proportion of the bee's body or the sequent of sprouting branches. Those sort of things.

I don't believe in unexplainable miracles or creation. We just don't know how to explain them YET. As Muslims, we should strive to get the knowledge associated to the unknown. That's ilm' / knowledge have been regarded to be more important than praying and has been considered as a prayer/ ibadah.

If we keep giving kun fa yakun excuses, we won't know how the world works and therefore could not fully utilize it.

And never say never. 100 years ago, who would've thought of computers. Same goes...

Chemistry Grad said...

if things happen such that they obey PHI, what cause them to stop at certain amount or proportion? what/who dominates such rule?!

and..MAIN QUESTION: existence of Adam, originated from soil?!how the soil could transformed to flesh n blood? formula meh?!

afiq said...

PHI is a ration not typical formula. I really think you should at least know the basics of the usage of PHI to understand it.

I think soil could turn into flesh n blood. First of all, the soil sould possibly be different than the soil we usually see.

I mean I think Al-Quran is more of a science textbook than a book of miracle.

There are many scientific facts from the Quran that had been proven. For example the seven skies, earth has 7 layers in its atmosphere. The production of babies, nature of mountains and trenches, and many more. Oh ya.. metal's origin.

So why creation of Adam is magical after all these so called miracles are scientifically proven.

Chemistry Grad said...

aha, PHI!i've already learn bit part of it JUST before u told me to do so..frieking scary, but thanx!

ha, jap! before it slips again from my mind, i've smthing to tell u..and this leads to a prove that i'm in between which regarding my previous poems, which one of them includes some french words, 'amarante à fleurs en queue..' and it's related to lily flower, fleur-de-lis n priory of sion! WHY n HOW on earth such idea strucks me? surprisingly, it happened before i even know about all these heck.

n remember how i 'bengang' with Eve who caused both of them to be expelled from the heaven,so-called "the Original Sin"?, i'm in between.

let me finish my paper this week n next week. i'l come back to u!

thanx again for the "Apple of Knowledge", afiq!

yumm yummm..