Funny day..Saturday

I spent my Saturday at Petaling Street, accompanying a friend of mine... He has to balik kampung: Sarawak and needed a larger than life bag. I'm not so accustomed of PS strolling so I askedlah.. "Syakir, gimme some tips to shop here?"

"If somone offers you porn, just walk away!"
*sings Kelly Clarkson's latest hit intuitively* "Just walk away..."
"Oh ok, Set!"

A few minutes later, after a toilet break etc etc.. We embark the PETALING STREET banner as valiant knights would.. *pasang you head phone because I prepared a suitable song for this post* No bother... Orang putih...CD haram, goods that looks cheap because of its setting but were ridiculously, ridiculously, ridiculously BAPAK expensive!

While Syakir bargained with the salesman, I was looking around, thinking: "nothing comes cheap in KL..." A guy started to follow me and hissed something. "orlo.... orlo,,,"

I gave him a cold glance and said "Wo bu hui chang hwa yee. Wo bu tse hua ren." which means I'm chinese illiterate and I'm not chinese.

He stopped and left a few paces between him and me and shouted. "Oi, I SAID PORNO, I SPEAKING ENGLISH ONE STUPID. PORNO! PORNO!" Everyone looked at him, including a KPDN officer dressed casually but with a KPDN badge. Haha.. Wah.. Afiq helped basmi pirated CDs..

Another guy was showing a granny a pirated CD of Nanny Mcphee. She turned away, not interested and with that, in the speed of lightning, he hawked other victims. And as soon as he saw me, he flipped the CD case and showed me A Night to Remember starring Lucy Stars, Nicollete Rim and Kevin Rod: Pornolah! From Nanny McPhee to A Night to Remember... made me think.. do I look like a pervert? Five more CD sellers showed me Porn as we strolled on. Never to Syakir!

"Syakir, do I look like a pervert to you?"

So that's that. To end this controversial day, I watched Victoria Secret Catwalk with Haikal.
Nah.... BUSTED!!!


Azra Yukiko said...

Pity you!

Irzan said...

When you have satellite TV in an ex-communist country showing porn (hardcores + gangbangs + tools + lesbians act + blowjobs etc) 24 hours a day, you'll get sick of porn you don't even want to see a bit of tits anymore.

At least until the next spring holiday, that is. ;)