Shooting Projek Merdeka Adik

It is our first production as a team and I cannot be anymore prouder to be a part of it. The whole day was filled with chaos and adrenaline but it was all good fun. I cannot remember having more fun than I had that day. I know for surelah, that my purpose in life is to direct films. All the photos you're about to see were taken by my cool uncle Paksu Art.

Fun. Fun. Fun. I can't wait to start working for a production house. Can you imagine.... every day would be like last Saturday... Heaven man, Heaven!


Miss Aida said...

Sounds like you've found your dream Afiq! :)

/kisa said...

ooh, when can we see the finished commercial?

Anonymous said...

nice son, have fun n best wishes frm umi.

just me umi