Insignificant Moments

It's pretty random since I only take pictures when I feel like it. Most of the pictures were taken during insignificant moments because I only take pictures with my phone when I'm bored and I don't get bored easily.

This here is a huge ass chandelier in Masjid Wilayah. It is by far the scariest looking chandelier I have ever seen. I will totally avoid praying underneath this Final Destination catalyst of death.
I went back to Alor Setar to belanja the whole family sushi and steamboat. There's no steamboat in this picture because Bapak hasn't arrived yet with the pots and what not.
Sushi from the only sushi shop in Alor Setar, Mr. Miyata.
I bought a beginner's keyboard at Alor Setar. Damn cheap!
Sleeping on the train is not exactly a pleasant experience but it is an experience I'm addicted to.
Mock Cheque giving ceremony.
Briefing with other winners at UPM
Sedap betul Mee Kuah ni. I had 5 helpings of these strangely addictive noodles.
At Kinokuniya's film section. I spent an hour reading up on noir.
The contrast between the ceiling and floor is amusing.
Mac and Cheese yang tak berapa jadi because I used two too many yolks.
Once a beautiful fountain, this cesspool is now a public toilet for joggers with bladder problems at Taman Rimba.
Oren the cat.
An unfinished train structure. If I am not mistaken, it was bombed by the Japanese.

I've always wanted to take a dump on a vibrating toilet seat, but this will do for now.
TV9 is leading Tok's weekly Doa.
Imma moth.
On my way to Alor Setar by car. This landscape somehow reminded me of LOTR.
Revenge served cold (to a branded shop promoter yang berlagak nak mampos)
One of Knifey's outings.
Stuck in traffic jam.

Uneventful lunar eclipse. We had Paddlepops.


alice said...

Oren looks like my cat! :-)

Qarl said...

byk pics dlm entry kali ni..

afiq, byk gk u dh achieved so far. congrats

all d best for the MERDEKA short video!

Miss Aida said...

Haha, there are some really random photos here.

A vibrating toilet seat Afiq?

.. Maybe go find a house under construction. Although it might be more than just the seat that vibrates.

Afiq Deen said...

really? But Oren is dead already lah? Doppelganger curse alert! (remember Altantuya and her lookalike who commited suicide)

Afiq Deen said...

Baru-baru ni tak ada idea nak blog pasal apa so ni produk kebosanan.

Terima kasih! Takler banyak sangat. Just so you know, I'm not an overachiever. My cgpa is always 2.5-ish. I just do what I like and get lucky sometimes.

Afiq Deen said...

Why not right? I'm sure it can help people with constipation.

Pooping time is often the closest thing to meditation for a lot of people, and what better way to make them feel fully relaxed than to massage their bodies with a vibrating toilet lid. Mind and body baby!

Linda said...

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