Hannah Yeoh Community Meeting at SS17

To date, I've been to UMNO, PKR and PAS's community meetings but never to DAP's. So when I saw banners around Subang Jaya SS17 that promotes DAP's community meeting, I made it a point to be present during the meeting.

The atmosphere is very different compared to any other meetings I attended because it was very non-political. There were no procession, no entourage and notably no ass kissing (sponsors)

Issues raised were about the welfare of the community. In the UMNO community meeting I attended at Keramat, issues raised were like 'Anwar Ibrahim agen yahudi' and 'Nik Aziz dah nyanyuk'. Hannah Yeoh highlighted problems faced by the community like parking, security, accomodations for disabled people etc.
The Q&A session was also very different from all the community meetings I attended. The people here asked about increasing crime rate and the yes (sigh), the lack of parking space. I attended the Q&A session with Azmin Ali at Gombak and one of the question asked was "Adakah BN sudah terdesak sehingga menggunakan taktik buruk seperti....blablabla"
If you haven't notice it yet, we can see here how the rakyat shaped our leaders. Because people in SS17 are well off and adequately educated, their concerns are mostly about the neighbourhood's welfare whereas in Gombak, people there are more interested in political ideologies.
So in a nutshell, for teenagers out there who have yet to incline yourselves with any political ideologies, we the rakyat shape our leaders. Sample with any case studies and you will find that this is true anywhere.

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