Another Hiatus - Making Projek Merdeka Adik

This blog is going through yet another hiatus. My hiatus is when I blog about films, emotions, feelings, music, you know, subjects people would usually ignore. I know how people expect me to write about current issues in a pseudo-liberal perspective but because I'm currently focusing on my new creation, I won't be able to 'say it as it is'.
Because fiction is more fun.
So it's not exactly a hiatus. It's just a hiatus from contemporary issues.
I'm currently going over and over and over with Projek Merdeka Adik's script. It'll be my first televised video so I want to impart as much 'Afiq-ness' as I possible can but at the same time, make the video approachable to the masses.
What in the re-incarnated bejeebus is Afiq-ness? If I only I knew. I like to draw my inspirations from works by Park Chan Wook and Kiyoshi Kurosawa. For me, both filmmakers are sages when it comes to expressing a relatable human emotion in the most bizzare way possible. Their films also have a certain black sorrow quality. It is a sort of sorrow that it literally unexpressable and yet, viewers will feel strong emotions that are NOT expressed by the actors.
Even though Projek Merdeka Adik has a simple and playful storyline, I want people to smile when they watch the video for the first time and feel a ball of sorrow stuck in their throat when they think about the video the next day.
Is that even possible?
There's only one way to find out!

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