We Meet Again

Hi blog, long time no see. I've been so busy lately that I didn't have any spare thoughts (or time) for my blog. People usually blog a lot where there are so many things going on for them. I blog less because I don't blog about my life. I'm boring like that yo!
I'm currently writing the narration for my first ever TV commercial video that will be screened on Astro. At first, I wanted it to be in english but after much consideration, I've decided to change it to malay.
From a personal point of view, english seems like a better choice because I express my ideas more aptly in english. But by having the commercial done in english I will alienate the malay majority because the commercial will be screened on channels like Astro Prima and Ria, channels dedicated to malay viewers.
And also, all the press I got so far are from english newpapers, magazines and news portal. I've only been in Utusan Malaysia once! After noting the pros and cons of changing the narration from english to malay, it became apparent to me that this commercial video might be my 'debut' in the malay media world.
As I'm writing this, I remembered how very badly I wanted to be a creative director for commercial videos two years ago. I can't believe I am a step closer of achieving exactly that so I better make this one count!


=) said...

congrats afiq! ;)

happy for you.

hana said...

smart lah header baru & cepat laa ogos, nak tengok projek merdeka adik :)

all the best afiq!

mamat said...

Alienate the malay majority...haha

Ngok, you are malay. This a malay country.

Merdeka was fighting the catholic Christian British colonial power.

Using english u are just a wog. Using malay u r king in your own country in your own language.

Yuna sang in english as she is english influenced think and sing like a mat salleh bertudung but nothing doing. She sang yang sebenarnya in malay and she got recognised by the masses. Yeah the malay masses because this is Malay region, Indonesia, malaysia brunei singapore more than 300 million malay speakers..

20 million facebook in malays the 3rd highest.

So malay is a BIG market you nincompoop.

The indie band was singing in english but nobody noticed then they sing Kerana Kau and they become household names.