Making A Memorable Merdeka PSA

PSA is short for Public Service Announcement. I was selected to be one of five young directors to produce a 3 minute PSA that will be screened on Astro from August to September this year. The five PSAs will then be considered by a panel of judges for several awards on the 25th of September.
I know it's too early to reflect (because I haven't even started making the video yet) but it was only last year that I told Bapak "Afiq nak sangat buat iklan merdeka." I STILL can't believe the fact that my commercial video will be aired in two months time!
Now that I have the opportunity to show the country what I can do, I better make a commercial video so memorable that people will talk about it for years to come. And that, my friend, is the root of my recent episodes of headache . I'm still reeling from Shock and Excitement that their dear friends: Expectations and Pressure decided to come and visit.
One of my all time favourite commercial video is the infamous Axion commercial. You know... the one that starts with "Mari tuan-puan dengar ini cerita..." I'm thinking of using the art of pantun to narrate the commercial video and have the whole video told like a storybook because my target audience are children from the age of 5-14.
I also need actors.
I need a chinese girl (7-9 years old) and an elderly chinese woman (60-75 years old). I also need a dozen extras but I'll specify their stats later.
But most importantly, I need this idea to work!


Keanorlinsya said...

I hope to see u provide us with setting that will make us aske, is this Malaysia?

Afiq Deen said...

Im not planning to make anything politically or culturally adventurous (not on purpose anyway) The video's target audience are kids so it's going to be exciting, idealistic and fun.

I also know for a fact that the other four are cooking up Yasmin Ahmad-isque ads so there you go, your prayers are answered.