I had an amazing birthday. It was fun, exciting, guilt-free and exhilarating all bundled up in a cool Levi's recycle bag. My last few days were filled with one of christian's greatest sins: gluttony!

I had more than enough pasta carbonara, mee hoon sup (lembu), ribs and a dozen of japanese dishes. I felt very blessed to be surrounded by my beloved family who loves me unconditionally.

The highlight of my awesome birthday was something I've been wanting for ages. Since the age of 11, I've always wanted a G-Shock watch. Every year, I would reserve a G-Shock watch as one of my birthday gift wishes (which never came true). As I get older, I only mention G-Shock in passing, thinking that it's good to keep my dreams alive just for the sake of it. Like last year, I jokingly listed G-Shock watch on the FOUR GIFTS I WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE:

Who would've known that 13 years later, that dream came true and I'm now a proud owner of a Tough Solar G-Shock watch!

Dreams DO come true.

: )

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