Some Pictures of My Trip to Bali

Afiq and his surfing instructor

Barong Dance

Art Museum

Silver earrings


Monyet miang

Popiah Ubud


Kecak Dance

Kuta Beach entrance

Denpasar airport

Stranded traveller

Selipar Bata dan tikar


lubna said...

Salam Afiq

I got your text. Yet another 'evil-Islamists' movie. I don't know, is there any difference between Vantage Point and stuff like Executive Decison, Three Kings, Syriana, etc? Sigh. Same ol', same ol'.

Btw. Cool pictures!

adora said...

the bata slippers made a cameo again;)

mirul said...

i love your shots afiq - it shows your melancholic side, really. i thought you're a very cynical person - turns up ure really human :D

fav = the airport shot. it's like "i came, i will leave" shot kinda thingy. not sure if u get me or not.

btw buzz me dude! i'm in malaysia for god's sake!

afiq said...

why, merci!