Whiny Sunday

Yesterday I made Ice Kepal and sucked the syrup with my bare lips. They told me I'm embarassing myself and told some other people "Maap la ye, dia tak matured sangat lagi." I replied "What's wrong with Ice Kepal? My bapak eats it all the time four decades ago."
"But it's so uncivilized Afiq." Peah and Dina said in unison.
I sealed my lips, having the taste of blood sipping in to my already sweetened throat. I accidentally bit myself. Immature. Maybe. Then if I'm immature, what do you call people who grabbed the ass of a burnt mascot for a photo?
Eccentric as I may be, I am not without feelings.


mirul said...

do you think a burnt mascot would like an ice kepal?

Anonymous said...

was it u at klcc last sunday?

afiq said...

I'm everywhere baby~