I've been thinking.
Why Islam forbids personification and potrayal of religious icons? Why do we not see pictures of angels and satan fashionably swirling around muffs of clouds? Why do we not see potraits of the birth of Muhammad, alongside the spirits of selected women? Why muslims are not allowed to showcase lively statues in their homes?
Right. Let's all imagine resurrection. Or the flight to heaven. You will notice that our imagination is not much different from the potrayal of heaven and hell by Christian artists during the Renaissance period. Heaven: pearly gates beside a golden desk where an admin angel can be spotted. Four thirst-quenching rivers consisting of wine, milk, pure water and honey. Etcetra, etcetra. Angels in our imagination are beings with fluffy swan-like wings and has an inhumanely beautiful complexion. So beautiful, indulging in mere sight of it is blinding. Satan is standing goat with horns, typically red with fashionable hardcore-rock bracings.
For most, this mystical collaboration is accepted as the definite images of the unimaginable. Abominable as it is, we can never hold guard to the temptation of thinking the unthinkable, it is something a lot of us hold on to, something we can all work for. Thus strengthening our steadfastness and discipline in our religion. But all is done in a quest of uncertainty with these qualities, when bloated with nonsensical promises will result complacency, contentment and ignorance.
I thought about this a long time ago about how sentences in the Quran successfully translated scientific details in chemistry, geography, arts, history and physics. So specific that western scientist are referring to the Quran to guide their next discovery, all the while decyphering the mysterious content of the Quran. And here we are, thinking angels are flying humanlike beings and heaven being a fantasy island where we can relinquish our longed fantasy.
I do believe the mysterious occurence of prophets but I do believe however that their hikmats or mystical gifts are scientific applications beyond the understanding of the current times.
There's no such thing as magic. There is of course illusions created by satan to manipulate human minds as to capture their attention and bring the deviant believers to the podium of worship. Because Lucifer had promised God to divert our beliefs and will do everything he possibly can to bring chaos and disaster. And that's that.
It was mentioned in holy scribes that there's an angel that coats the earth with his wings to protect it from disasters. Instead of imagining a large beautiful man hugging the globe with its cascading wings, I am positive that it is a term used to describe the ozone layer. Angels are but natural elements guided by a mysterious single force; God. I do however comply with the possibility of angels embodying human being. I do not consider it as a mystical phenomena but a process of becoming, not known in my generation.

It is not hard to think why God allowed pictures and paintings of religious icons during the early years of christianity, when the religion is still valid. With the abundance of illiteracy and ignorance, images are the only comprehendable model in which the teaching of God can be understood by a vast audience. Same goes to Judaism. With the coming of time and modern technology that speeds up the discovery of every aspect of life, Christianity and Judaism began to evolve into different sects of understanding, which is in my opinion, an insult to human perception of a higher power(when a human being is responsible of correcting and changing god's words.)

Iqra'. Read. It is perfect conceptual redefining of human belief. When the rest of the world defy their religious teachings, thinking it to be step back from the future, we muslims should embrace it as its content and understanding is vital in revitalizing peace, while it lasts. I for one, want a safe environment for my future kids and wife and should we all diminish the misconception of Islam, peace is acquirable.

This is the age of knowledge. The age where knowledge is used to sustain the world. And subsequently encourage the coming of its destruction.

Should you believe or agree in whatever written here, I wish that you make your own collection of thoughts to rectify my understanding. I, in this course of life, have to admit that being twenty, my knowledge on certain things are limited. Tengtedennnnng~~~

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(nothingness) said...

wow. very well written. i've never seen it that way.