In the Syariah Court:

A child was seriously abused by his parents and when the neighbours reported the crime to authorities, the child was taken away and custody was to be granted to the most suitable parent or guardian.
Judge: You were reported to be abused by both of your parents severely resulting bruises on your face and body. You will now have the choice of selecting any parent or relatives you wish to live with until you turn 18. Do you still want to live with your parents?
Child: No. They beat me everyday when they get home from work after they quarrel.
Judge: Do you prefer to live with your grandparents?
Child: I'd lived with them before and they beat me whenever I do something wrong, even when I accidentally drop a glass of water.
Judge: Do you want to live with any of your aunts or uncles?
Child: No. They are the worst aunts and uncles anyone could ever have. They even helped my parents by beating me when my parents aren't home.
Judge: Considering your case, I will make it possible for you to seek foster care. Who do you recommend?
Child: The Malaysian Football Team
Court was silenced by the child's statement.
Judge: *confused* May I ask why?
Child: Because I heard they never beat anyone.


cekmi said...

seriously dark joke. i second the child's motion ;-)

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ya allah, and i thought its serious.
nice one!

Miss Aida said...

That's absolutely hilarious.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hahahahahaaaa!!!! nak cutpaste ni and forward in email bley tak Dik? hahahahahaaa!!!!

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haha...funny man...tot it was real at first..^o^