As If

I've nothing to say. I asked for it. I know.

I've nothing against authorities. I'm no rebel. People were amused that no one approached me for my hair. I told them "Kurangkan gula dalam minuman, tambahkan manis dalam senyuman." I don't see why so many people are fussing over a few strips of ash green. It's just hair, you know.

Just hair indeed. I was rather expecting this. My initial intention was actually to see how IIUM will react to someone with a questionable fashion sense and highlighted hair. I got my answer. Sorry to say lah, but the only people who questioned me are malays. Yes, malays. My own kin. When I met a group od Sudanese girls at Kyros, they smiled and exclaimed "Ooooh, I like your hair, did you made it yourself?" Others didn't care at all. But this malay lady in the other hand whispered something at his preteen son something and passed with a smug condescending expression on her face. I prayed at a mosque and a few lecturers passing by joked "Ai, boleh ke sembahyang dye dye rambut ni." I received a lot more rude remarks about my hair. It is as if my hair is an indirect portal to my personality.

As if.

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