It's a relief that none of my ex-classmates from Seri Insan or Maktab Nasional read my blog. They read blogs but they don't read mine. Why? Maybe because they think my blog is in Malay (I was by the way the BM top scorer in class) or maybe they just don't give a dodol about me anymore or (this is by far proven true) they are silent readers. Many of them are silent readers. Readers who read my 3 times a week entries but had firmly decided that -I'm better of invisible-

Despite the fact that I do know where you PEOPLE live and I HAVE access to your connection IP, thanks to Statcounter, I still prefer to blog like you guys never existed.

NEXT! Conciously or not, I can't help feeling nervous meeting any of my ex-classmates. The last time I met Riorn, he keep on praising my vocab. Being the self-absorbed, self-abused me, I shrugged it off with morale resistance.

And this week, I'll be meeting the meowish Cat in SI, Nori! Heck, I'm nervous to my knees (which could result spontaneous begging for mercy)

Worst case scenario:
1. She'll peck me on the face (you know the sort of thing Datins like to do) and I'll go "Sorry, you can't touch my cheeks. It's sinful." and maybe she'll ask "Buttcheeks?" and I'll pathetically reply "No, just my cheeks." and padded them with tissue paper to make a point.

2. She'll bring along her friends with revealing tops, limiting my parameter of permissable sight. I'll spend the whole day staring at the floor.

3. She'll comment, "Afiq, you look fat." There you go, a backhoe just ran over moi!

4. BAD hair day!

5. She'll ajak me to eat at places I can't afford (I'm a student lah wei) like La Bodega and the likes.

List goes on.. At this point, I can't help but to be a pathetic pessimist. Help me people. Of all the blog entries, this one allows you to drop it like it's hot....

a preview of point number 4


Chemistry Grad said...

hah! nervous breakdown attacks afiq again!

mm..meeting our ex-classmates mmg menggelabahkan! well, my advice would be, "act cool, brother! play along with them. so u wont feel left behind or malu2 ke ape!"

but the fact about afiq's he's NOT that type of guy!


She'll bring along her friends with revealing tops, limiting my parameter of permissable sight. I'll spend the whole day staring at the floor.

mm..malu2 and u cant tell lies either.

huhu~ its two way thing here,guy. u and her. well, i do know nori physically, but not psychologically or mentally or watever. camner huh? unless u wanna play along, bleh la. kalo tak nak, kid tak nak paksa. huhu~

u can dress drop dead. fashionable la sket! u have that figure and face. u can make her cair, i tell u! i'm a gurl too wat..hahaha~~ and i've met boys like u alot and hang with their crushes including me dulu2, dalam hati ketawa terbahak2! hahaha~~

really, looks *shhh..* are deceiving, but who cares. kalo pandang pertama hati dah cair, sure die tutup mata punyer la. and she'll be glad to be beside u that time.

i know ur taken and u tak suka main2 cinta. i've told u, kid tak paksa!

if u nak try, IF, u'll know ur heart better. if u truly love her, playing this game shouldn't be a problem. hari ni main la, esok dah dah cukup..haha~~

gud luck!

afiq said...

this meet up has nothing to do with love chemistry. Just regular joints of old pals.

the fact that she's hot doesn't make things as easy as it should.

Dont, just dont talk about love ppl. Im beggining to get rashes just with the thought of the combination of v e l o

kid said...

i only suggested u to play her game. thats all, so that no nervous breakdown nanti.

she's hot, u play hot too and u can do that easily, tau. unless.... u dont know how, la! or memang u tak nak, tu lain la citer.

so, play la! hehe~

mirul said...

omg i thought ure a boy, as in a BOY. never thought ure vain too. gash.

afiq said...

sorry to dissapoint you..

thats the way i do it, aha aha..
n who are you to imply vanity on me?? hah? hah?

afiqsays it as it is

ever heard of Disney's Mulan themesong.. it starts with "look at me..."

ryhn said...

afiq dude! u use the word 'dodol' too!!!
"or maybe they just don't give a dodol about me anymore "

my frens slalu think i'm extra weird and they thnk i'm the only one using that word (altho now derang pon tpengaruh sudaa wakaka)

afiq said...

DODOLs sux... hate them to their respective graves

Anonymous said...

afiq poyo!! hehehe ni fareez le