pokemon, journals and buttons

Pokemon! Gotta catch em' all...

Most of you readers are too old, too weary of fun, too complicated to understand the simplicity of Pokemon! Pokemon merchandices like Nintendo Gameboy, trading cards and anime CD's was my last obsession with -whatyoumightcall- kiddie stuff. And you know what? I think I miss that. I miss thinking like a kid.

It all started when I read No bones by Anna Burns.

I just can't describe how she managed to capture the way children think. This is a piece of the novel that touched me:

Their ma though, would never understand anything. Grown ups never understood. They were stupid, distracted, mindless sort of beings. They never had a clue. They always got it wrong.

I can remember once that I was fond of collecting ladybirds(bug) and had designed and constructed a ladybird ranch for them. The anticipation of collecting and 'taming' the ladybirds was simple unadulterated joy. To have them showed to neighbors; absorbing the ooohs and aaaahs, I'll always treasure how I perceived joy and ironically, this sort of joy will blossom again during our greying years. Of collecting, of having things admired. When joy is no more driven by success but by personal satisfaction.

So I refuse to be so caught up with the adult world and preserved my 'childhood' in forms of journals.. which are sealed to this day... I've been logging in my journal since I was 8 years old and this ritual of mine is still practiced today. And when I feel like it, I'll unseal my old journals and reread them.. only to realized.. how stupid I was during my years of adolescence and how simple and ingenious I was during my younger years. Most of the time, people will grow out of their old habits and adopt new, more commendable ones, keeping nothing from their past intact.

And by then, the beauty of life discovery is forgotten and the wraths of life itself will be integral in our system, in the way we think and view of life.

~~What's you childhood obsession(passion)?~~~


Chemistry Grad said...


haha~~ at least everybody calls me KID!

hahahaha~ so, i dont have to worry about losing my childhodd enthusiasm, ppl will always automatically treat me such way when they start calling my name!

thanx to papa n mama!

mm..tapi nampak pelik if a guy acting as one, so, it'd be easier if ur a gurl..camne huh?

puteri ada idea tak?

J said...

I had a conversation with my sis once, and she blurted out,

"what happened to the things you thought you knew?"

that was-- after we opened up our sealed boxes filled with mementos from the past, -- letters, old notes and scribbles, journals.

sometimes we don't realise that we'd let go of the past , the things we thought we knew.

and well, when you open up your journals and reread them, at least you realise how much you've changed eh?

maybe not changed, but become more clearly ourselves.

I guess.

the one with thoughts running all over the place.

afiq said...

i think the real us is in the soul so the younger we were, the more intact we are with ourselves. What we are now are results of past experiences and our surrounding.

afiq said...

ur thought kid, is plain sexist by the way..

J said...

oh by the way, my childhood passion was Sailormoon.

*runs away and hides*

J said...

i think the real us is in the soul so the younger we were, the more intact we are with ourselves. What we are now are results of past experiences and our surrounding.


but even then, we weren't really intact with ourselves because the process of learning hadn't begun. we discover languages, movements through our surroundings. if we do not experience, how do we really know ourselves? our capabilities? our strength? so you're saying that we're most ourselves when we do not know anything? even when we dlm perut our moms pun, we dah start learning. so when are we exactly our REAL selves?

Chemistry Grad said...

my childhood passion...wee!

i love watching Beakman's World Experiment, spongebob squarepants, dave the barbarian (if u have the chance, watch this cartoon! best!),

i love love love DRAGONBALL (i never miss a single episode) Goku and Gohan soo sweet when they start to fight together, like there's always hope to win (kid relief)..hehe~ i watch em with feelings tau haha~ and i want rumah capsule. so cool, they've got almost everything in form of capsule and their perverted grandpere and sexy 'sister'..

and goku was as fatty fatty boom boom as me too!

cool! thanx for asking!

lubna said...

An interesting insight.

Afq, you should read Evanescence's lyrics to Fields of Innocence. It'll strike you.

On childhood:-

and the 5th paragraph of http://lubnaaa.blogs.friendster.com/organised_chaos/2005/12/day_out.html#comments

Read if you want to, it isn't tht long.

My childhood obsession-Sweet Valley, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Charles Dickens, Louisa M. Alcott, etc.

And Saturday morning X-Men series.

And an excerpt from a past post:
Have you ever had this sudden urge where your inner child takes over, and you do something you last did when you were 10, just for the fun of it? Last Friday, that happened to me. As a little girl, I used to be a serious pain in the behind. As much as I would like to envision my childhood as moments of white frilly dresses with blue satin sashes, ribbons in hair, laughing gaily on swing sets, it wasn't so. As a child, I wouldn't sit still, I would roam and explore and wander, go on extraordinary adventures ie dig through mud, roll down hills, climb steep slopes, hide in thick shrubs and bushes, clamber up trees onto rooftops to slide down the lamposts even though I was forbidden to, and do everything else imaginable that by the time I got back, I'd be snotty, have bits of twig in my hair, and grime underneath my fingernails. *Shudders* Mum must have had a nightmare.

=) Funny. I didn't realise that I write abt missing childhoods a lot.

afiq said...

You're more of a tomboy then when u were a child...

i was more of a cooking, drawing, making crafts kinda boy..

; )

FarahMexx said...

ahahahaha. I'm the typical small girl who's soo into Barbies, Polly Pockets, Batu Seremban, Main masak2, Main Getah and my own project runway!!

but yeah I do love boys stuffs like Action Figures, LEGOs, Tamiyas too.

In short; I LOVE TOYS!

...and I LOVE CARTOONS!! Disneys, Looney Toons, Thunder Cats, Dash Yankuro, Power Rangers, Alvin and the Chipmunks etc. well I still love cartoons until now.

Oh yah more: gadoh2 with bros, main hujan, panjat bumbung..

I wanna go back to those days. huhu.

anyways Afiq, Pokemon rocks :D

afiq said...

rock on!!!

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