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My proposed photocopy kiosk. It's beside the Gazebo; it's an attachment lah kira..
The model of the Photocopy Kiosk.
2 bedless nights. I've been sleeping on a couch in the design studio. I'm tired. Wait... my handphone is vibrating.. no no.. it's my tummy. Yes, I'm aware that I'm trying to avoid any contact with the word Architecture but I can't deny this:
I have an Architecture GINGA!
I have a tendency to create space whether I'm concious about it or not. So what to do lor? Yes architecture had treated me pretty badly yet I'm too fond over it to leave it be. So be it. Architecture, you are my tools of creativity as well as my motivater. You are in me. You are my baby.

On a personal note, I professed my feelings towards e via sms. She kept on bugging me who's my GF. Eh,,, I later found out that girls tend to do that; by doing so, they want a solid confirmation. I have no plan on bringing her to the mall or treat her to a wonderful dinner. None. Because I believe love has a simple logic. If you like her, you like her. Nothing can change that. Lurvy dovey activities has to wait until we get married. If my mom is reading this, I want her to know that I'm not a love enthusiast. I find love mundane but comforting. A very granpa-ish outlook of love for my age. Haha.

So no dinner! No malls! No beaches! No holding hands! Just lovely conversation at the cafeteria and library meet-ups. Nothing else. I like her and that's that.

Ah.. I'm finding more reason to be happy now. And strangely, I find this relationship the most effective way to perform my Subuh prayers. Thanks for waking me up e..


kid said...

i like ur photocopy kiosk, nampak exclusive la, tak macam other kedai BODMAS yg warna merah tuh..haha~

sleepless nights pay off! terer terer..

haha..ur a real grandpa! grandpere! we are soo different ey, i PLAY love to get a real love! but, restriction towards him is the same like any other men.. muslim or not. until until i found one. the one, who'll get a diff 'limit'.

anyway, gud luck ngan ur GF. tapi sikit2 kene la pandai2 ah gak amik hati, nanti die ingat u tak sayang die..hehe~ huhu~ hampeh~

kid said...

bedless night..salah.

eh eh:
"I later found out that girls tend to do that; by doing so, they want a solid confirmation."

yeah rite..u did the same thing wat?!!


umimax said...

Aa'kum afiq, ur kiosk is good n u play with space ok . presentation wise ok gak tapi tak nampak focal point. How do u attract people. It can b color, shape or apepun yang dominant. When presenting. stressed d focal point unless u used balance but again its a selling materials . U can include d branding machine ie xerox ke, canon ke or mixed but different purpose. U can b d designer 4 them as client. D space provider is UIA only humble comments as one architect. As 4 ee umi scary coz u re my son n she can send virus by wanting ur 100% attention, knowing girls coz it,s like a challenge to her owing u. Umi dulu lain coz i'm a group gang so umi have many boys as a friends that jaga umi like their sister,till 2day cam uncle ot,bob,liza,edmond, meknah n others. True friends till now for good or bad. Hopefully eee can comfort u as friend now n patience enough 2 wait till u've succeeded in ur accomplishment. she will try many ways wanting ur definition whether she is ur GF, common one she saje2 will buat u jealous then what happen? are u going 2 stop seing her or confess 2 her. 2 umi treat her as muslim friend n don't go beyond d boundary- then if it doesn't work out her saham is protected n u are out of obligation. K. Ur are adventuring human management, well dear don't b afraid 2 make mistake coz there is no 1 answer. Take care n love u son

J said...

Nice model!

I don't care about all your scarrry warnings about architecture.

I'm final with my decision.

It's either architecture or nothing at all :)

Jannah said...

sugar_c0at3d is me by the way :)

afiq said...

e is good muslim from kelantan and she knows her limit. Dier nak pergi mana-man sorang2 pun mesti ader teman n we had decided we should have our own life, bkn nak berkepit 24/7. hehe

and about the kiosk, it has a new concept.. Slalu photocopy kiosk ader counter panjang and org kena berdiri nak tunggu. Bayar pun kelam kabut.

so kiosk ni ader inquiry counter n org boleh proceed ke seating area yg semi enclosed nak tunggu sbb tempat tu transitional area, mesti penat sbb br jln kaki. Payment counter sebelah seating area. Ala-ala klinik lah..

Afiq tak buat style counter pjg sbb kebanyakan student buat LAW and biler afiq buat survey, budak law ni photocopy bkn sekeping dua tapi berpuluh-puluh keping..

Dier karer biru sbb bumbung pun biru dan semua benda ka uia kan biru.

umimax said...

well dearest nak u have all consider them n good effort. Bye 4 now