Gosh, what beautiful skin!

Guess who's this???
With easy payment of 5 ringgit, u don't need to put on make up or write something like "me having a bad day" or such when you look like you're having a bad day everyday on your friendster picture description.

Afiqsays will get rid of your pimples, scars, blemishes, blackheads and so on and so fourth. Why waste money on facial creams and pimple gel when you can get clean luminous skin by only paying 5 ringgit. It's that easy! So what are you waiting for? (gosh this is so fake *laughs*)

People may call it photo editing...
But we call it 'bringing out the real you!'

leave the link of your picture and we'll do the work for you!
or you can call 016-2899681
yes, 016-2899681

(hahahahahaha) (btw I'm serious)


Chemistry Grad said...

yeah..perfect skin day for puteri!! weee...

afiq, i'm sure ramai kakak2 yg minat sampai spy2 u dah dapat phone nimber u by now!! i dah kasi promote..hahaha!

Anonymous said...

cream apekah ini?