Heh. Fake company of ours. NOCTA..

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Senyum psycho and phone camera whoring during group meeting.. B-ware, Brace face!

hoho... Have you seen the Sunsilk advert in the IIUM library? We, me and e re-enact that scene but of course she had her companions along. Islamic style baby! Wah.. cannot imagine how nervous I was! It was worse than my first dentist appointment. Ends well.. well.. not too well, I had a running nose so some snorting was in between our conversation.

I noticed some change in the way I talk when I was with her. My voice was gruffier and deeper. Weird huh, considering the squeeky nature of it. She heard every sentence perfectly; which was the first time since I talk like a bullet train. There was an air of understanding; and I used to wonder, since she loves canto-pop and Hong Kong movies..... *ends abruptly*Secret msg: If ur reading this e, i want u to know that im really happy that we meet eachother.. seriously. ur a lovely person inside and out.

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