limited vortex

Architecture sucks you in, chew on every bit of your protein before spitting you out. Once you're out, you are too accustomed to hunger, stress and sleepless nights that nothing, almost nothing in this world is impossible.
Fact is, only a minority of architecture students will ever be architects. It is an exposed truth, architecture will cause you fractures and burns, making you a veteran in the real world. It is also a truth that I have no more intention to be an architect. It is an unrealized dream of mine. A dream sugarcoated by the prospect of new ideas. I'll pass. Time is my only limit, and as it had proven, my patience had lasted long enough.
I had sold my ideas, defended them with all my efforts of research and had come out with unsangkarable ingenious ideas but in this world I'm living, I will always lose out to the mesmeric, beautifully coloured, -near-glossy-magazine-perfection- pieces of work.
Some students here even copied their way to high grades. So why? Why should I even bother? Why all the sleepless night thinking of design solutions when I could easily grab an anonymous architecture magazine and make it my own?
I had endured one too many bashing during my first year. All of them being satisfying and dramatically awe-inspiring. I'm not giving you up, architecture... I just think I could make heap of money without you... but yes, architecture, I need your assistance...
On my personal quest to be rich and powerful, I find architecture a perfect obstacle. So be it...

Architecture = tough love


Chemistry Grad said...

E, if ur reading this i want u to do wat u have to do!

E, i know that u know what u have to do..u r so close to him and his love for u is so strong, you two going to support each other's back and make this love of you two the strength for afiq to survive in his career.


i wll always pray for both of u. i'll always be there whenever and wherever u want me to be, but E comes first, and i let her be! *white flag*

umi dont worry for E wont be the virus and afiq'll be fine.

mirul said...

suddenly when there's a third party commenting about magical love, the magic isn't there anymore.

love is not meant to be paraded. it's for keep.

anyhow am happily observing everything. lol.

Jannah said...

architecture is all about risks, i see, reading from your entries about architecture.

you risk your beauty sleep being exchanged for mugs of coffee in the wee hours of the night.

you risk your designs which you've worked your souls out not accepted.

and all sorts of other risks... and you, as the architecture student knows it. consider yourself lucky, because you're willing to take the risks and challenges and change it into a dream.

sorry my thoughts are all over the place.

take care.

afiq said...

nevermind lah. 1. magic doesn't exist. 2. I don't care what ppl think of e and me. 3. magic is always temporary therefore so for it to be a foundation of love is, what can i say, limited by time. 4. Trust and humour

afiq said...

its also weir that when i read my own entry the next day i'll go.. this is what i've written???

so it proves that my capacity of moodswing reception is pretty high..

umimax said...

Kid, umi not 2 happy of u suggesting eeeeto comfort umi son afiq coz been there n its 20% only d rest is ur own strength but believing it from ur so call partner. Beat come from ur good buddies coz u get d true answer, from eee will be superficial coz nak up harga n jaga hati. hehehe afiq that's fact of life. not 2 happy coz it'll set a boundary now n ur lost ur freedom admit le.

Architecture by its name its all texture n its give many feeling,,, ur on ur way but not 2 happy coz seems ur losing ur archivement. guess now umi know why la. hmmmm it's ur life n umi will always b there as umi.

Chemistry Grad said...

oh, ok..all right then. u know better our life as teenager. sowry, that my suggestion menyinggung perasaan ok, ur nasihat to afiq, is ur nasihat to me gak, i'll remember that.

sorry again.

umi, afiq study last minute la umi..sebab tu results die teruk..

afiq, bole tak lain kali study awal la skit?! takla tension sgt to stuff the whole textbook before exam and takla complain2 lagi that u cant momorize them all in one nite. if u do it in advance, u can read further about ur subject and that way u senang lagi ingat.

and i'm FAR FAR FAR away than a genius!

NO, i'm NOT and i never will! dunno why, i feel insulted!

chaiyook! afiq jangan buat lagi!

umimax said...

That's d way kid, as i said better answer from buddies coz u care n support each other like umi n few buddies, till now we are friend n frank n kill punya advise. Then only we realised n set a better fruitful strategy in achievement. Umi want all umi sons n daughters as excellence n millionaires then u all help others d less fortunate. K. Take care n eat well Ya