I'm surviving. I am (prior to popular belief) NOT madly in love. I'm not even in Love. If you're a teenager like me, ask your parents whether they are in Love. They'll just sigh and change the topic.

So it doesn't make sense why we should be in love now: during our teen years. I just don't get it. I'm not a type of person who chases love. I'm not. I'm not a firm believer of Cinta.

I'm just not that sort of person. I'll get hyped whenever I see my potential wife but I never drool; post-traumatized... I decide the person I am. So this is me. So be it.

And yes, I am a strong opposer of the phrase main-main cinta; love till you drop persona. I don't believe is such frail commitment. I may surprised you with all this fact of myself yet nobody seems to appreciate my view on Love.

Love is by the way, very very subjective


mirul said...

Love is something fulfilling. The energy. The life. The type of stuff that forces people to make huge sacrifices in order to chase love.

My mom fr Johor. Graduated fr US with organic chem, yet chose to stay in sucky terengganu and be a simple teacher, for love.

Is it not a huge sacrifice? Yes I'm a FIRM believer of love, if u ask me.

And in some cases, it may well be worth it. But in some cases it's not.

It's not easy NOT to be influenced in love, but boy you're not bound by it.

Congratulations. You're not bound by your heart.

lubna said...

Oof. I have a feeling I contributed to the whole misconception, so for that I apologise.

"Love is very, very subjective."

Don't you know it, man. Exactly.

Again, sorry Afq. Wasn't intentional.

kid said...

ha ah..everybody seems to have the same idea of love. even steve, hehe~ huhu~


ok la afiq, chaiyook with E! weee....

afiq said...

Love is subjective. Right one. Kerbau's eye...

YOu know what else is subjective?