Unc Lims and Mr Bean

The labour of Blogging.... To get away from it all... Away.. up up and away.. to the MALL!

2 days passed and I have to say it was a multi-million weekend. 2 nights ago I've gotten an idea that could possibly make me a fortune; a long term business plan. A promising idea it is. InsyaAllah...

Labour? The only people who are resting their posterior are employed workers; businessmen run wild during this time of the year, making gigantic profit.

A company I would like to point out that had continued it's business in a very progressive manner is Uncle Lim's. It is a homegrown franchise that had sprouted all over Kuala Lumpur and undoubtedly has the BEST roti kahwin in the world.

They had made it. Why hasn't any malay legendary restaurants follow their footsteps. Heard of the the 'best in the world mee udang in Sungai Dua' or Mee Abu in Alor Setar. They are practically legends or more precisely historical legends: living in history. Dying legends.

1.5% business properties in Malaysia are owned by Malays. 35% Chinese.

Employ yourself, fellow readers. Employ yourself. Entrapenuership heeds those who are valiant. It's a sunnah. Prophet Muhammad was a fellow businessman himself.

Where have I been? Mr Bean? Where I was rhymes...

With Natalia at Roti Kahwin Heaven: Uncle Lim's

Oh God... *faints*

Saper bleh habiskan nie deserves a tabik hormat!

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