Mondays : )

A for Apple
B for Ball
C for Cat

why not...

A for Alamak
B for Bak kut teh
C for Cha cha cha

We're Malaysian what...

Self note:: Mother's Day had not been so motherly to me::
I walked everywhere around UIA yesterday. My computer was infected and damaged by a virus transmitted by my assignment group member. So the computer shut itself down along with everything in it. To make things worse, my article review and group presentation was saved in the computer and both of them were due the next day. Well, well.... Puteri posted this website in the bulletin board and it had a -panadol acti-fast- effect on me.

~My bike you ask? All the screws and nats were stolen 2 days ago and something magical happened this morning. The thief returned everything back! He didn't re-assemble my bike though but at least he has a clear consience... Oh I tell you... My bike Minah could haunt you in your sleep!!!

~Broke! For the last few days, notes of 1 ringgit were korek-ed from all my pants and I collected 10 ringgit!

~And on the group presentation, I postponed it to next Wednesday. The lecturer agreed when I showed the virus in my camera. She, who still had a severe case of post-computer virus trauma symphatised me and gave our group another chance.

~As for today,I had a wonderful pau breakfast with e and her friends. I now know the meaning of the word Gedebe. Pau breakfast... you should try it too..

You know what? I Love MONDAYS!


umimax said...

Well dear sabar ke coz umi waiting 4 payment from govnt. Pity u but thinking positive n tawakal help though coz better things appear d next day. Love u n we make d mothers celebration near future u cook 4 me but no cheese K.

umimax said...

Oopps who is EEE careful dont let umi s long teropong caught u. anyway careful ya, having a motivator is ok but not 2 involve cause they can release virus at times. Apapun I ll b here. Sweet pau or others. ehem ehem.

Chemistry Grad said...

alamak, umi la! umi dah baca ur taggie..kid terlepas cakap ke??

aiyooo..afiq, sowry!!

mirul said...

omg .. your ummi blogs! i visited her site and left a lot of comments at her taggy :)

so sweet to have a mum who blogs...

afiq said...


No need to worrylah.. We're meeting eachother in a very Islamic way: with her friends or mine.

yes, umi blogs.. I think it's kinda cool and now I'm more careful not to say the wrong things..

toriq said...

apa hubungan miruL dgn afiq?

apa hubungan kid dgn afiq?

lagi satu, komputer tuh maybe ader virus (lupa lak nama dia).. tapi, senang jer nak baiki.. komputerku pernah kena gak..

mirul said...

me and kid is an online visitor to afiq la toriq :D

same like me and toriq. what is the connection? we both knows online thru gubu.

tapi kid lagi rapat ngan afiq la.

Anonymous said...

Afiq, ever heard of back up disk or pen drive??
uncle lan