Makes me Wonder

Someone told me that most architecture students like to tell imaginative tales of how they would like to KILL people. Yes. KILL.

tududududududu (machine gun)

I miss Life.

Anyways.... let's leave my sad suicidal tales aside and shift our interest to Malaysia's number 1 male singer: MAWI

he Makes Alot of Woman Itchy

He has his own Mineral Water. But people, don't get mistaken for his CamPoyo pose. It's not cctually his mineral water. It is owned by an anonymous company (most probably bumiputera's) and the company decided that their mineral water will be the people's choice if it has Mawi on its packaging. Well, well... let's compare..

Your Source for Unique High QualityBottled Water Products From Around the World

Belilah Air Mineral Mawi World

Yelah, a makcik kampong that goes: "Mmmm, sedapnya air mineral Mawi World.." in the advertisment is a more efficient mode of advertizing than "Be healthy, drink healthy."

How can mineral water be Sedap??? MANA BOLEH???

He IS a one shot wonder. Well, Business 'Friends' of Mawi, use that Kampong Boy and get it over with as soon as possible. I want to see innovative changes in consumerism. Is that too much to ask???

It's killing me how BURUK advertisments rule air time.

But things that didn't kill me, will make me stronger.


Szakif said...

thats what we call strategy... as long as mawi is hot around malaysia, people will make us of him... maybe after few years, we wont see any mineral water named mawi..

Anonymous said...

pasti berjaya di akademi fantasia..

Anonymous said...

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