suddenly hungry

OOOuuuHHHooo~~~ another sleepless night.
I haven't any Life for the past 3 days. 3 days of indoor Hibernation in which I refused to jalan-jalan, leisure cycling and room-2-room hopping. I have really nothing to blog about but I feel that I could if I do so in Japanese. I've been listening to Anime Dialogues since my eyes are focused on my work and I think I can almost understand the Nippon Linggo! Gambare! Konbanwa, Watashi wa Afiqo des...
My model is 92% finish (distruption of model-making process was caused by the insufficiency of UHU glue) Ok people, feast you eyes on 92% of Afiq's Kindergarten:

Those balls are planets. There are 7 planets. Okayla, there's actually 6. Pluto is not a Planet. 6 planets? It's just not right! It's like saying women has 3 boobs. Hmmmm~~~


::Self Reminder: You are fasting, control your imaginations....::

Oh Yes written conscience... Okay, so I won't imagine women with 3 boobs

::Self Reminder: You are fasting, control your imaginations.... Women has two boobs....::

Women has two boobs.. Got it.

::Self Reminder: You are fasting.... *thinks of something viciously turn off-ish*::

AHAH! Behold:


Where were we....... oh right. More models to make. Adieu~~~


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*tak habis gelak lagi.. boobs huh?