sober and depressed

I should blog less. Because I whine when I blog. Because it's a turn off for women. Because I'm taking over one of their roles.

I put on a "JANGAN MASUK" sign at the entrance of my room because I don't want anyone to MASUK. I'm morphing into a hardworking monkey, working hard in intervals of jolly clownings. My only window to life is the computer screen.

I realized now that I pay when I blog (internet connection) so I will not post controversial entries that are meant to attract people because believe me, it's tiring. Not being yourself is tiring. Acting is tiring. Like replacing punctured tires. It's tiring.

Putra and Umi turun KL. We had supper at a Gerai. Putra thinks I am a playtool: when I'm around, he'll get away from Umi's scoldings. It is just to show that as my Love grow in his absence, his Love for me only explodes. It grows and explodes. And re-inflates. And Explodes.

My I remind myself my responsibilites so I won't forget them in the near future:

I am responsible for my own sins.

When I get married and have children: I am responsible of my sins, my wife's, my young son or my unmarried daughter.

I am solely responsible for my mother.

Being a Man is Tough.


hmsb said...

You have been linked :)

lubna said...

So is being a woman.

Aaaaaand, just for cla-ri-fi-ca-tion:


Don't generalise!

But then again, since I often refer the common denominator of jerks is that they are male makes me a hypocrite. ;P

So. I take back my statement, as you should take back yours. =)

DaRk AnGeL said...

hey there...
selamat berpuasa....
selamat menjalani ibadah di bulan ramadhan...
yeah.. and its also not easy to be a woman too~

Anonymous said...

yea sure, it s tough to be a woman , and and yea sure it s tough to be man, male makes me a hypocrite, so she said, hyprocrite is self inflicted, nothing to do with neone, u choose to be hyprocrite, so be it, bulan puasa bulan ramazan, bulan yang mulia, Look in the mirror, look at yourself, point your finger, that s the person u should blame and just DON'T BLAME NEBODY ELSE
uncle Lan a.k.a uncle lim, afiq a.k.a a chong

Anonymous said...

afiq, check out sept23th comment, just incase u missed it,

uncle lan

Anonymous said...

Salamun dearest umi son afiq, good to c ur still have d appetite n nice to be working together though under different circumtances- apapun sama2 tidur lepas subuh but umi tak tidur terus.

Nice going with ur coming project n well ahead with ur other studies. Times people forget history but history makes a better person. Umi son afiq, don't worry about not cellebrating raya with us here coz u got exam soon after. Umi, hadi aful putra n ayah will simpan our raya mood when ur exam is over n together kite celebrate them in KL soon after aful's camping habis.

Umi son afiq, our spirit n prayers will always b with u n jangan banyak makan ketupat nanti takut tertidur n lupa nak gi exam ok. Umi will only cook when we're 2gether- have d list of food ok, will b bringing d seafood n stuff from here n 2gether kite cerita2 all yang terlepas.
Lastly nak balik raya sini kat sabah ke? Itu bisa di urus nak.
We be happy n sama2 boleh main bunga api. Love u always son n take care. Umi

afiq said...

hanyhany: thanks!

UncleLim: I love to eat at your kedai btw. Deep deep inside I guess there are circumstances that forces us to become hypocrites. Kalau tidak, how to kaw taw???

Lubna dear.

WOMEN W H I N E. hahaha... and MEN are JERKS!

Umi, Afiq thinks that It'll be better if I raya here becoz its only a week holiday. And I want to balik kampung after raya sebab its two week holiday and Afiq can help you out with your work. (kalau ada gaji afiq will work dgn lebih bersemangat)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lubna dear, well..u can get discount vouchers from afiq but I don't know whether it works. I guess you are right Lubna, there are time that forced you to be hypocrite. God...we just hate it..or love it!!! I think we just have to get our act right,
Afiq says women whine and men are jerks, who wants to argue with that but uncle Lan says there is always two side of of a story, listern to one,u are definately going to be a jerk.
Good luck with your exam afiq, and adik is doing her trial now.
uncle Lan

lubna said...

I don't think I understand the comments left by uncle lan.

I'm not delving into the philosophies of hypocrisy, I just used it to make a point...a rather pointless point, come to think of it.

Well. Selamat berpuasa everyone. God bless, wasalamualaikum. =)

afiq said...


Anonymous said...

lubna dear, when I read the comment, I haven't got the slightest clue what I was saying, probably it makes a lot of sense to afiq. I am here just can say..sometimes kacau daun. It s easy to comment but it s not easy to write a blog, I read ur blog lubna, I am really amazed of u guys, say your mind, that s really cool, keep it up.
BTW, afiq are u considering going back to Sabah this raya? Perhaps it has been a long time u have not meet ur adik2 and umi and ayah. Oh..u have ur exam, I forgot about that. well afiq, it is ur decision u have to make, but don't make it such a big fuss over small matter, coz what is important is ur exam coz that will determined ur future. Always remember, u have a place to ask for help, and the biggest place is always up there..ALLAH

uncle Lan

afiq said...

Since everyone (my family) is celebrating raya dekat sabah including umi yang and arine and umi is planning a 'relaxing' raya cum study time dekat pedalaman sabah, I'm going back to my roots (actually I'm rooted at penang).

But I'll be sending goodie bags to the whole family. Anime CD's to Nat, Song CD to Kak Neesa n Nael, Surat in JAwi tu tok.. Potpurri to Mama Ida, Uncle Lan.. is yet to be decided.. hehehe,

and so on and so fourth,..

Anonymous said...

hi everybody. im popeye the sailormoon. i got pantun for raya..... pat pat siku lipat, mari kita makan ketupat, you happy mari kita main bunga api

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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