Tissue Issue

::Welcome to MultiRacial Malaysia!::

Or are we really? Personally, I am a multiracial person. My childhood bestfriends are Yogesh and Jason Ng, I had parties, birthday bash, weddings etc with non-malays and non-muslims. Sadly, in the midst of my past multiracial exposure, I noticed that malays are not included in it.

A fellow roommate of mine, Shafie made it clear when he said:

"Kita melayu jumpa orang cina bila la sangat, kat Low Yat, midvalley, kedai mamak. Cina pun jumpe org melayu ket pejabat nk bayar bil eletrik, cukai and rasuah. Cis.."

Races do not intertwine well enough for us to exude pride in racial bliss. And why is it that the previous generations of KL citizens are more connected with eachother albeit race and religion rojak?

And why are Damansara and Petaling Jaya are proclaimed Chinese territories, Keramat and Gombak Malay territories and Brickfield and Bangsar Indians'?

Is the much boasted Multiracial Malaysia a long term propaganda? A brief clearance of conscience? A cheaply coated unity?

And who are to blame to this.. this... concocted conception. Why is the government fabricating the scenario by throwing big bucks in the expenses of merdeka advertisments and larger than life KLIA billboards? How is fabrication a method of unity?

What is a beautifully knitted teddybear without its fillings?

And don't you think that there'll be a period of angry 'unmasking' and forceful 'knitting'. Do we need to repeat May the 13th incident?

Afiqsays~ Sekloah Jenis and Sekolah Agama should be abolished for good!


sutheshkumar said...

haha..yup, abolish em!
but heck, wouldnt lina joy's case might bring up the next "may 13" incident again?

Hafidz Baharom said...

lina joy will not cause a "May 13", it will cause an inter-religious war between the people.

the thing is, sekolah jenis should be abolished. sekolah agama should not be made as a replacement to SK's and SRK's or SMK's, it should only be an add-on.

when one focuses too much on one religion instead of the combination caused by multiculturalism, it will simply cause arrogance and hatred towards others.

this is because the very syllabus in religious schools is not monitored, and neither are the personalities of those teaching in such schools.