Sunday baby~~

I've been busy. My current project is to design a Montessori Kindergarten. So I did. So that's that. Muahahahahahahaha~~ ehem~ hahahaha.. right.

I was on the verge of becoming a madman in my room alone for several days to come out with this design and when I finally finished designing it, I paraded it around my room and asked my roommates: "Lawa tak?" most of them tried to say something before I warned. "Cakap je lawa kalau tidak aku kunci bilik waktu ko mandi kat toilet." So the verdict.. ketiga-tiga roommate berpendapat design ini lawa!

Concept? Twinkle twinkle little star.
And we had a Nocta(groupwork) barbecue just recently. I was a bit suprised that the water dispenser thingy didn't do its magic bacause we did some serious barbecuing. Bukti?

I stayed out of the smoke and coughed my way to the potong-potong department and did some serious potonging. I potong the tembikai with my razor sharp braces.
Siapa di sini anak pertama?

Prove it...
There's two type of eldest children syndrome. I self-analyzed it and surveyed it among friends and concluded the following.

::You were proposed many times by your parents to become a good example to your siblings.
::You're pressured by responsibilities but successful at keeping everything from getting out of hands.
::You are naturally a good leader to lesser crowds.
::You are moderate in your expanditure and display lame taste of decorating. Lame as in lame.
::Your have a tired looking smile. The one that has a -I surrender- tag just below it.
::You shop with you mother alot.
::You are emotionally stable.
::You won't go far in life. I know I know.. Life is sometimes unfair~~ but you will achieve happiness along the way. A ngam ngam lifestyle.

::You are emotionally dependant.
::You are allergic to instructions.
::You are close to your mother but fight alot with her too..
::You always need your own 'space'
::You are a critical figure to your siblings
::You think you have your own way of doing things.
::You are always in an emotional state.
::You'll eventually go far in life.. eventually... but you'll lose a lot of things precious to you in the proces.

Kenapa there's two types ek? TypeA has siblings that are only few years younger. TypeB has siblings several years younger.

Why do you think I can be perasan enough to predict you? It is simply because I am naturally perasan. I can also predict personalities through handwritings and signatures.. for free... so jangan malu malu bebeh~


xxeemm said...

I think both types u described can only be applied to 'anak emak'. kalau 'anak bapak', they are a different kind althogether. really.

nice conceptual model (ke massing?) i like the lines going through the mass. what will they be? circulation or ornamentation?

nana said...

waah... menarikla your design.. but those colourfull lines tu apa sbenanya ek?

the types u described, almost accurate.. but it doesn't goes right to me.. i'm more like a mixture of both.. so it doesn't have to be 'either', it is more of 'any of the above'... haha.. i know, i'm the eldest too... didn't u noticed?? :p <--- ( sarcasm remark due to 'I am naturally perasan. I can also predict personalities' hehe.. no heart feelings :)

nana said...

by the way, i forgot to mention.. u look good with short spikey hair.. it brings out the naughty personality... but personally, i like the long haired u better... haha :)

nana said...

by the way, i forgot to mention.. u look good with short spikey hair.. it brings out the naughty personality... but personally, i like the long haired u better... haha :)

afiq said...

xxeemm, the concept twinkle twinle little star responds to the ascendings and descendings of the spaces. the 7 coloured blocks are from the line 'up above the sky so high' why i chose the song.. panjang sgt nak type... anyways~~ the lines are actually steel portal frame that goes through in between the two levels to support the 'indoor green zone'. The lines at the wide flatroof is to direct rainwater.

They have important functions and also work wonders from the aesthetic point of view.

nana... i on the contrary i hate my spiky hair.. coz i dont have to spend much time with it anymore like i used to..