I've been sleeping for 3 hours per night for 5 days, 2 hours during class and 3 hours in between classes.. So why am I complaining? It's a bloody medically assured number. 8 hours!

Dunno... but I can't help complaining........

Life as a archi student can be relentlessly clueless. You'll figure out what the heavens I'm saying after 3 minutes 25 seconds after you read this:

::tidurlah awal lain kali stupid!::


Anonymous said...

issue, issue, issue, memang memeningkan kepala, anyway I having a bad cough today, so postponed cycling up cameron highland today...shoot..would be a blast..
Culture..culture...and culture..it s MORE THAN JUST buka kasut masuk rumah or makan nasi tiap tiap hari, I remember when I was a student in UK, I don't eat nasi everyday coz it s bloody expensive..so what is CULTURE? Is the malay culture makes malay backward? Most of my chinese friends said this to me, *My parent said to me u can marry anyone except muslims* Wah are we that teruk ke? So is my grand mother (which is Afiq great grand ) made a mistake marrying my grand father who is a muslim or uncle Quah for marrying aunty muni or tok mamu for that matter. Seems like there s a lot of mixed marriage in our family..so ..what when wrong? Looking at that again, think we are all doing pretty well. Then again I am glad the marriage happened and we are where we are now. U might not be Afiq, u might be A Chong, i might be Uncle Lim ( anyway i have no relation with uncle lim s cafe what soever, so don't ask for discount vouchers).
Lina Joy, Dato azhar mansor, (popeye the sailor man) he don't know i called him that, anyway, Dato azhar is my friend, also orang kata dia convert to christian, if u asked me whether it s true? hell i don't know.IT s between him and Allah. Remember Neil Armstrong? (bunyi macam nael), said to have converted to muslim when he first step foot on the month and heard the azan. C on man..everyone knew, space is vacumn, (do everyone knows that..tu la, suruh p sekolah belajar, tak nak, suka ponteng) u don't hear nothing in space. Anyway Armstrong said it wasn't true. end of story.
So afiq what is culture, or heritage? Is it worth fighting for? What is worth fighting..if u have the answer, anyone? tell me..moral for once, anything else?

uncle Lan

afiq said...

unc lan ni kelakar lah. tapi kalau afiq dapat discount kat hampir semua kedai mamak Deen curryhouse.

There is nothing fr certain in cultures, only values and virtues and of course love for humanity. And I'm proud to be of mixed heritage. I can be japanese if I'm lost, a chinese when I bargain, a malay when I go to goverment offices, a thai when hitting on thai chics.. ngahahaha..